06/17/2015 08:29 am ET | Updated Jun 17, 2016

10 Of The Hottest Male Models Of All Time

By Janelle Okwodu for


While most lack the name recognition, not to mention the cachet, of their female counterparts, modeling's men are an important part of the pop culture conversation. Serving both as aspirational body ideals and arbiters of cool, male models provide a visual representation of fashion's (and the world at large's) ideas about masculinity.

The Me Decade found its match in the streamlined look of Jeff Aquilon, while John Pearson became the face of '80s-era decadence. The '90s taste for resplendent sensuality led to the rise of dramatically handsome faces like Cameron Alborzian and Tyson Beckford. As for the aughts and our current decade, an anything-goes sensibility means we're seeing all types, from the slightly androgynous Boyd Holbrook to the swarthy Patrick Petitjean.

But while countless faces have graced magazine covers and runways, only a few have truly served to challenge and change the way we define handsome.

As the men's Spring 2016 collections get under way in London, take a look back at some of the industry's biggest stars.


(Courtesy of Calvin Klein)

Tyson Ballou

Tan, Texan, and perpetually youthful, Ballou has worked consistently since the '90s. Calvin Klein and Vogue Italia keep calling, so he must be doing something right.


(Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana)

David Gandy

Entered into an ITV modeling search by his flatmate, Gandy naturally won and quickly became one of the business's most visible faces. A devoted clotheshorse, he's recently become something of a street-style star, too.