01/30/2011 10:53 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Andrea Linett Still Wears A Sweater From Sassy 's Kurt Cobain Cover (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

One of Andrea's "claims to fame" is that she styled the infamous Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love cover of Sassy magazine. It is so indicative of Andrea's committment to heartfelt connections that she chose the same sweater that Kurt wore for that shoot [see Andrea wearing it below], which was her father's from college, as one of her looks for this one. The sweater is as much a reflection of her taste for edgy classics, as it is for her sartorial coolness and nonchalant grace. In her layers of patchouli and turquoise, Andrea has a gift for choosing the consumate creative influences, but she is one herself.


Among the voluminous amount of people that inspire Andrea, who is now the Creative Director of eBay, is Mary Randolph Carter, who was my first boss and mentor in the fashion business at Condé Nast and can be cited as part of the encouragement for launching this site. Carter, as we used to call her, is not as famous as Andrea's other muses, like Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morrisette, but she is just as much a visionary. A connoisseur of authentic Americana would be an understatement -- Carter would make you want to wear a general's paper hat, like George Washington's when he crossed the Delaware, everyday. She opened my eyes to the magnetic allure of those that are completely their own person in their aesthetic without an ounce of pretense, like Andrea, and thus contributed to what became the birth of SLU.