12/27/2012 06:30 pm ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

What You Do Matters

There was a time when I believed that it was the movers and shakers that could make a difference. It was the people who could do something grand, big, important -- those were the people who could make a difference that mattered and was notable. And that wasn't me!

And then one day, a light went on. I woke up in a heat controlled house, with a closet full of clothes, food in the fridge, a car to take me to my sweet job and money in my pocket. And I realized, I can make a difference! I may not be able to do something grand, big, important by the worlds standards but I can react, behave and, most importantly, share, in a way that creates a positive outcome for someone else -- someone besides me, myself and I!

While I and my many friends have been building TurningWheels For Kids, I have learned something so valuable. The low-income, disadvantaged children we serve live within families that are challenged -- financially and emotionally! There are stories, some heartbreaking! And a simple gift, a rite-of-passage, number one requested and dreamed about gift, a bike, was out of reach for these kids! Or is it?

One little boy, when given the opportunity, when asked to dream big, his eyes briefly glistened, a smile started and then, just as quickly that light faded, he shut down and he didn't dare utter what he really wanted, a bike! It was entirely too risky! That moment broke my heart! He didn't even dare to dream!

And then I started thinking -- we all have a priceless opportunity! We spend money without even thinking -- $5 for a latte, $2 for our favorite candy bar, $3 for a frozen yogurt or ice cream cone, out to lunch with our friends, $15. And then I did the math! For $9 a month for one short year, money I will not miss, I can provide a bike and a helmet through TurningWheels For Kids for a local kid! That's $.30 a day. Thirty CENTS! Can you do it? Can you step up and make a dream come true for a kid that is afraid to even dream? Just say yes! Because...

What You Do Matters!

As the holidays draw close, there are children fretting over what they are going to say when someone asks the inevitable question, "What did you get for Christmas"? What if the honest answer is nothing? Right now, today, what you choose, yes, choose to do matters a lot to a child near you. Today you have an opportunity to become a mover and shaker, maybe not by the worlds standards but certainly in the eyes of a local little girl or little boy. Are you up for the challenge? Opt in, right now, to become the person who makes a dream come true for a child that is afraid to even dream! Those kids are out there and I think those kids are worth it. Do you? Light up a child's world right now, this holiday season! Your kindness is not insignificant!

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