11/01/2011 07:30 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Changing the World As We Hear It

Sugar Rautbord was recently appointed to MAX SOUND's Advisory Board

In the 1980s, the music industry was energized with the introduction of the Compact Disc. In the 2000s, High Definition video changed how we watched television. In 2011, an innovative company in Santa Monica, California is going to change how we listen to music, watch movies, experience television, and communicate on our cell phones. High Definition audio is here. Hear it.

Max Sound HD Audio creates high definition audio content with extreme Realism and Definition in a way that no other audio technology compares! When the Max Sound process is applied to current standard audio, it is capable of reducing file size by up to 90%, resulting in a pristine and dynamic audio track (44.1 to 128kbps MP3). This provides a huge competitive advantage over other audio technologies, regardless of beginning and ending formats. The Max Sound process understands in real-time which harmonics have been lost or distorted during compression and is able to dynamically restore the audio to its original natural waveform. "This all happens in nanoseconds," says Lloyd Trammell, Inventor and Chief Technology Officer of Max Sound Corporation.

In the second quarter of this year, Max Sound Corporation introduced its patent-pending HD audio technology to the entertainment and multi-media industries. Present at these introductory presentations has been Max Sound Chief Technology Officer Lloyd Trammell, the legendary co-creator of Surround Sound who was instrumental in creating MIDI (The Musical Instrumental Interface), dialoguing in SoundSpeak to the top audio engineers of the leaders in the Movie, Music, Broadcast network, and Telephony world. Fellow Max Sound Advisory Board member Frank Serafine, sound designer on TRON and Star Trek, and Oscar Award winner for Best Sound Effects Editing, says Max Sound "is a fractal re-birth of Sound". Many of the sound engineers and industry chieftains arrived at Max Sound's Santa Monica headquarters as skeptics, believing that the Max Sound process defies audio science. However, after experiencing the power of Max Sound, they were transformed. Since its introduction, countless industry experts are now devout Max advocates. They are convinced that the Max Sound Technology will become the new go-to standard in audio delivery. "The effect this technology has on audio is so positively dramatic that it is reminiscent of 1982, when the CD was heard for the first time", says CEO John Blaisure of Max Sound Corporation.

Simply stated, Max Sound Corporation has developed the revolutionary process that converts any audio file to High Definition Quality while reducing its original file size. This means Max Sound can deliver better sound while taking up less file space. For example, imagine you streamed your favorite movie to your television or tablet. Using the Max Sound Technology, you will hear sounds that were lost during file compression and now have a more "True to Life" listening experience.

Max Sound Technology solves a problem that most of us are not even aware of. When audio files are compressed, these files are converted into square waves which are extremely harmful to our ears. Studies suggest that people who listen at full volume due to inferior sound quality are subjecting their ears to the same noise as an aircraft taking off and could be doing themselves permanent harm. Max Sound converts the harmful square waves back to their original wave format in the same compressed space. Which is the true miracle of this technology. Hence, better sound quality in less space.

On the cerebral level, Max Sound enhances the capability of human hearing. It restores audio to its organic level within the existing file format without any decoding. When applied at the mastering process or broadcast source, Max Sound protects the original recording, ensuring that as the audio is compressed and distributed throughout the Internet perfectly, sometimes 90% of the original intended audio will still be delivered and heard by the end user.

Today, electronic devices represent a large portion of the current and future in consumer entertainment. The world is in the beginning phase of a bandwidth crunch in which more and more audio content is being poorly compressed for Internet and broadcast transmission. This "world wide crunch" heavily degrades the quality of the audio, resulting in muted and vague sound. To combat this, Max Sound has built an App for the Android smart phones and tablets that converts music, video, and eventually voice during cellular calls to brilliantly deliver clear audio. This application will be available in the near future. The possibilities are endless. Max Sound Corporation has the opportunity to generate hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in new revenues for the entertainment industry alone! If Max Sound can show consumers what the "industry leaders" saw, consumers will flock to have the latest version of their favorite artists' music, movies, and video games, and possibly re-tool their cell phones as we saw when Apple released their iPhone.

Max Sound has brilliantly created a technology that can impact the way we hear all audio from now on. As the company logo says, "Hearing is Believing!" The company is publicly traded under the Ticker Symbol MAXD. For more information about Max Sound you can visit their website at

And definitely check out their demos, here or listen to one here.

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