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I Did the Research: Billy Ayers Is an Irrelevant Show-Off

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Bill Ayers is a show-off and a publicity hound -- and yes a criminal, but while living his complicated sociopath life, he's associated with many do-gooders like Senator Barack Obama.

For my book, Family Circle, the Boudins and the Aristocracy of the Left, I pored over FBI documents, turgid, pompous weatherman news releases, and every book ever written by and about Ayers' nefarious, insane, fun-loving and yes criminal group called the weather underground.

Masters of publicity, the only reason they stopped bombings of such as the Capitol of the United States was that the FBI stopped publicly attributing bombings to them.

The FBI finally recognized the show-off needs of the silly sociopaths and told reporters only that they (the FBI) were investigating fringe groups who might have pulled the latest ickyy and dangerous stunt -- stunts that the weather group pretended or insanely tricked themselves into believing were meant to frighten Americans into being better people. (There's a photograph in my book of Ayers stomping on the American flag. God, what a moronic move.)

That said, along the way, Bill Ayers associated with many many do-gooders as part of his cover or because of his insane and murderously conflicted desire to be a star and be "better than."

These do-gooders must not be his victims.

Why am I not surprised that Ayers, master of publicity is once more making front page headlines. I'm betting he's thrilled.

Let's forget him.

Except as an example of what never to do, we must concentrate on electing a decent man to be our president. Senator Barack Obama is a decent man. I only hope he can hold onto his decency as president of the US; I think he's strong enough. I do.