03/19/2008 08:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Your Librul Media

In all my years in journalism, I've never seen anything quite as disgusting as this.

And I know some of you will snicker, because it "only" hurts Hillary Clinton.

And you would be wrong about that.

The enemy isn't Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It's the corporate media.

And if we let them get away with this, they will do even worse to whoever turns out to be our nominee. You can bet on that. What a piece of trashy, superfluous, truly MEAN excuse for journalism.

I left a voicemail for ABC News' Brian Ross, who is the head of their Investigative Unit. You can click here for his number.

I do suggest you share your opinion of his "work." You can call him, or you can send an email message here.