11/02/2010 04:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mid Term Election Anxiety & Halloween Politiku

Originally posted on Susanna Speier's Blog

Christine O'Donnell's, I am not a witch ad, inspired me to purchase the witch wig that I returned, unopened, the day before Halloween.

I did not return the wig because I wasn't able to get a hold of the Delaware snow globe I'd envisioned. My trusty slate colored Brother label maker could have easily transformed any old souvenir shop snow globe into a Wilmington one. I returned the wig because because of the TMI exposition slam Gawker ran about a one-niter O'Donnell had two years ago.

It is hard to run for a political office. Everything about one's past is open for public scrutiny, exploitation and mockery. Granted, it was flaky of O'Donnell to publicly expound on her unrealistic standards of chastity. She is, nevertheless, single, adult and a member of the human race. Of course she has a sex drive. She also has a right to privacy when it comes to whether or not she adheres to those standards.

O'Donnell didn't run a particularly good campaign and wouldn't have been particularly great for this country. A failed attempt to become a civil servant hardly warrants a witch hunt, though.

As it turned out, Alyssa Milano's epic philanthropic challenge to Old Spice Guy made a really worthwhile -- not to mention, low hassle and cost effective, plan B.

Enjoy the Midterm Election Anxiety Halloween Politiku:

From 2010 Halloween Politiku

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