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AAR: Prevention Education Points for Parents and Kids by Susie Spain

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As a community the issue of drug and alcohol use and abuse in teenagers and families is an epidemic crisis. We know that early education, prevention, intervention and treatment can change families' futures forever.

Our mission is to raise this awareness.

Our Angels at Risk educational programs and services are designed to encourage communication on a parent to parent, teen to teen and parent to teen level.

Please know that at no time are we from Angels at Risk accusing any teenager or child of being a drug addict or alcoholic, that is not our intention.

What we do know is that most kids are involved in high risk behavior and that many fatal decisions are made by kids who have used drugs and or alcohol.

Our wish is to raise this awareness.

These groups and assemblies are designed to create a snapshot and memory for all of you in hopes that heartbreak and damage can be prevented.

We encourage all families in our community to reach out to each other.

Please communicate and connect parents to parents, parents to teens and hopefully
teens to teens...because...all of our kids are at risk and all of our families are at risk.

Please be motivated by love.

4 Educational Prevention Points for Kids:

1. Stay connected to your family: talk to someone if you are in trouble, confused, afraid or just feel alone. Keeping secrets is not safe.

2. Try to tell the truth, it is a self-esteem builder. If you know a friend who is in trouble, give an anonymous tip.

3. Be unique, be your own person. Don't give into peer pressure, do good in school and work things out with your family. All of these are the things that are truly cool.

4. Listen to your heart. Believe in your wishes and dreams. Believe in goodness. And please know that drugs can take everything away.

4 Educational Prevention Points For Parents:

1. Be motivated by love. Kindness is the key.

2. The best and most simple basics of communication (talking) and connection (live time) counts the most with your kids. Pay attention to curfew and social media.

3. Outside counseling protects our family's hearts. Be brave and find someone to talk to if you feel afraid or like something is wrong.

4. Be a parent that protects your family especially when it is hard. Always listen to your heart. And if you see another child or a family in crisis, tell someone who can help. It takes a village and a community to raise a child and a family.

Thank You

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