08/07/2013 04:57 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2013

How Yoga Saved My Life

Yoga saved my life. In the times where my world seemed like it was falling apart, yoga has been my salvation. It allowed me to see a way out of my darkest moments laden in fear or sadness. I can't imagine what my life would be like without yoga. It has a also taught be the art of living in this beautiful present moment and enjoying this gift of life. Yoga has given me my path and my purpose.

A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at the young age of 57. Without my consent, I was placed on a path that I had not asked for nor did I want to happen. I didn't even know where this path would lead. The only choice that resonated with me was to face my challenge, and without my yoga practice, I am not sure I could have done so. At the time, I was living in New York City and enjoyed what looked like my "dream life," but this new world was making me question everything. I moved back to San Francisco to spend the precious time I had left with my mother.

Yoga had helped me years earlier to heal my anxiety and had become a daily practice since 1998, and it is what I would turn to in the midst of the most challenging time of my life.

It was a doorway to enter a new territory and listen quietly to an internal voice that encouraged me to go deeper. During these months, life revealed moments of clarity amidst the pain. One thing became clear: Love is what we are here to experience and share. In the loss of my mother was a humbling gift: to be present in every moment and live a life that is authentic, not the life that is conditioned by society or the life that others may expect, but instead, the life that represents me living my truth.

Feeling immense gratitude for the path that supported me in the darkest times, I wanted to make a film that would inspire others who were facing difficulties. We all have challenges, whether it's in our relationships, finances, career, or health. So we all need a supportive anchor in life. For me, yoga and meditation were powerful practices for healing that provided that anchor.

Filled with passion, I traveled across the U.S., and even to India, to interview the top teachers about the big questions of life: love, truth, happiness, purpose, karma, enlightenment, and more.

My film, Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey, is filled with timeless wisdom from myriad teachers in the yoga tradition that can help any of us with the regular obstacles we face. In sharing the profound healing power of yoga, I hope it will empower yogis to go even deeper with their practices or inspire people to incorporate yoga in their lives, for transformation, healing, joy and peace.

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