What to Focus on: Befriend Your Worries in 3 Steps

12/01/2013 02:27 pm ET | Updated Jan 31, 2014

So you've envisioned your sAssy future. And you know how to FOCUS to get there.
But how do you decide what exactly to Focus on?

Befriend Your Worries.

Often when coaching CEOs and entrepreneurs, we hit a point after educating and visioning (sAs steps 1 & 2) when folks start to feel overwhelmed. Too many options. The many opportunities. Multiple passions. Worry sets in.

"I love children AND food AND riding my bike. AND I want to see young women empowered around the world through education. Oh. . . AND I love hip hop dancing."

Alas, the plight of the multi-passioned change-maker. . .

The solution: Befriend Your Worries.

On any given day you probably worry about a spectrum of challenges.
"Agh, this traffic is making me late!"
"Why hasn't this shipment arrived yet?"
"How can I empower young women globally?"

Worries are helpful. Embrace them for pointing out to you what you care about and then. . .

Use your worries, rather than be abused by them.

How does this work? 3 steps:

1. Filter for Action.

Traffic? - You cannot affect this. Reclaim valuable mindspace and energy from this worry.

Late shipment? - You already placed the order, it is en route, no more to do except check that tracking number.

Empower young women around the globe? - Actionable. Transform in step 2.

2. ID Unique Skills/Assets.
This is where powerful, passionate, and effective solutions begin. What unique skills do you have to apply to this concern? Are you a financial planner who can create lessons for women around the globe? Do you have experience in an educational system? Do you have a million dollar Corporate Responsibility budget to allocate as you see fit?

3. Filter for Joy.
You may be great at formatting excel spreadsheets, but it might not fill you with joy. You may also be exceptional at storytelling, to all ages on any topic. And it turns out that one does bring you joy. Use that unique AND joy-generating skill to transform your worry about empowering women into a solution. For instance, by connecting colleagues at your office to the women in your supply chain, your stories just might change the world.

Our formula for What to Focus on: Actionable Worry + Unique AND Joy-generating skills = Game Changing Solutions for a Better Life and World.

You can also reverse engineer this formula. What are your unique AND joy-generating skills? How can you use them to befriend an actionable worry?