02/10/2011 08:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One Girl, Two Cities

This being my first post for the, well, Post, I thought I'd give a little insight into my situation and what I'm hoping to do.

My name is Sydney, I grew up in the greater Los Angeles area and I now go to school in New York at NYU. As an LA native, I had always considered myself as a city girl, someone who thrived on the constant rush of people around her, sounds of traffic to lull her to sleep, and excellent food available 24 hours a day.

New York provides all of this, but at a cost. I mean this in both the obvious financial and less obvious emotional sense. And though I can say without a doubt that the financial aspect is not making my bank account happy, the lack of space has been more important to me than I'd ever though it would be. In my first couple of months here I constantly felt suffocated by the city each time I stepped out of my door. The wide open vistas of Los Angeles hadn't prepared me for this. New York is an entirely different kind of city.

As uncomfortable as my first couple of months here were, adjusting to a new city, a new school and a new coast, I've begun to appreciate what I have. I never really thought of myself as a California girl, and I definitely don't fit the standard profile. I'm not blond, I'm not tan, and athletic is the last word anyone would use to describe me.

New York and the East Coast were always where I envisioned myself. The ever anonymous "they" say that college is where you grow up, and that's true. But I never knew how nostalgic this whole growing up thing could be. I'm hoping to chronicle my second, and hopefully less tumultuous, semester here in New York, including my thoughts on politics, shows and art exhibitions as they interact with my new environment.