04/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Fruits of My Labor: Women and Business

Many of us have been taught, "do what you love and the money will follow." But, what if we've been doing what we love and the money hasn't found its way to us yet - and isn't even tagging along at a distance?


There are many of us who are blazing forward with our passion, with a vision of how we want the world to be. We are creating products and services that heal, nurture, connect, beautify, educate and empower. But there is a disconnect going on. Many of us have taken the big leap into the pool of faith and are doing what we love, but we are not realizing the financial splendor that was promised to us. For many this has not only been a crisis of finances, but also a crisis of faith.

The well-known film, 'The Secret', told us that if we think it, envision it and believe it, it will come. Most of us, however, by now have discovered that there were some important elements missing from that formula. I was determined to find out what these were.

I decided to participate in a free tele-seminar led by Gina Ratliffe, success coach and motivational speaker, and David Neagle, an income acceleration coach for entrepreneurs. Gina's story is about going from being completely broke to running a million dollar business. I wanted to find out what she knew that I didn't.

What she discovered was that she was missing some key elements in her financial life -- and these were adequate structures, systems and a sound marketing strategy.

To some the idea of setting these important systems and strategies to run a business might seem elementary, but to those of us who are follow-your-heart people and live by the more intuitive sense of things - those important elements never seem to rise to the top of the agenda.

So I wondered, was I wrong to start a business on intuition? I don't think so. But my experience shows me that intuition alone won't put tofu on the table...and I suspect that there are plenty of like-minded spiritual seekers out there who would be inclined to agree.

We as yogis are taught that the word yoga means union. So how about this union - Ms. Intuition meets Mr. Market Strategy?

It might be a fun first date, but how long will it last and what do you think the odds are that the union will bear fruit?