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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer History, Please Don't Repeat

Kristina Cowan | Posted 12.05.2014 | Healthy Living
Kristina Cowan

I'd rather not have ADH or FEA, high estrogen or any other cancer threat. But this journey has stretched my understanding -- of my body, my mind and my faith. And it has empowered me to take even greater charge of my health than I have in the past.

Redefining Beauty

Sarah Amento | Posted 12.02.2014 | Women
Sarah Amento

After my mastectomy, I began looking for pictures of other women who had battled breast cancer. I found The Grace Project by Isis Charise.

On Breasts

Jenny Witte | Posted 11.21.2014 | Parents
Jenny Witte

Three more kids later, my mind is once again focused on breasts on a daily basis like it was in middle school, partly because I'm breastfeeding my daughter, but mainly because my mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cancer Messed With the Wrong B*tch: Show Me the Money

Seporah Raizer | Posted 11.20.2014 | Healthy Living
Seporah Raizer

It's shrinking the cancer, but it's also shrinking my sense of who I am and definitely who I used to be. I was very active before cancer, and now I need to rest after going to the grocery store.

Allstate to Provide FREE "Silver Lining" to All With Breast Cancer

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 11.13.2014 | Impact
Barbara Jacoby

In what I consider to be one of the absolutely best ways I have ever seen to help everyone who has received a breast cancer diagnosis, Allstate has partnered with author Hollye Jacobs to give a free copy of her book, "The Silver Lining - A Companion Guide" to all in the United States through October, 2015.

Melissa Etheridge Got It All Wrong

Liz Margolies, L.C.S.W. | Posted 11.11.2014 | Gay Voices
Liz Margolies, L.C.S.W.

Shame on Melissa Etheridge for using her privilege and public platform to blame herself for her breast cancer and, by extension, blame all lesbian and bisexual women for our disproportionate burden of the disease. She was not cured by simply fixing her diet any more than she caused her cancer by eating poorly.

What A Young Woman Fighting Stage 4 Breast Cancer Wants You To Know: Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear.

Mary Alice Stephenson | Posted 12.15.2014 | Style
Mary Alice Stephenson

At the age of just 34, Stephanie Seban is fighting stage 4 metastatic cancer. A few months prior to her cancer diagnosis, Stephanie noticed an unu...

I Didn't Wear Pink for Breast Cancer This October (And Here's Why)

Margaret Carmel | Posted 11.05.2014 | College
Margaret Carmel

Called "Pinkwashing," this practice allows companies to disguise harmful behaviors and business models with a surface of charitable giving. The entire movement allows companies cover to hide unsavory activities, which sometimes are even known to cause cancer themselves.

4 Ways Cancer Patients Can Benefit From Yoga

Lorna Borenstein | Posted 11.05.2014 | Healthy Living
Lorna Borenstein

Prioritizing daily yoga can be life affirming, whether you are a cancer patient, survivor or supporting someone who is fighting the battle of his or her life.

Breast Cancer - After October

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 11.04.2014 | Impact
Barbara Jacoby

Now that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over and all things pink have been put away for another year, many people will forget all about breast cancer until next October unless they are personally touched by it.

From Survivor to Metastatic Survivor

Lisa Masters | Posted 11.04.2014 | Women
Lisa Masters

I forgot what chemotherapy does to the body other than killing cancer cells.The memories, along with the side effects, have returned. The changes to my digestive system and my thinning hair have spoken loudly that "the cancer's back."

Bring It On: October 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D. | Posted 11.03.2014 | Healthy Living
Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D.

Since my diagnosis, I am thankful to live through 10 Octobers as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, adorning more birthday candles on my much healthier adult birthday cake.

I Do Not Want to Die From Breast Cancer

Sarah Amento | Posted 10.31.2014 | Parents
Sarah Amento

I have to live, my babies need me, my husband needs me. I am fighting this disease with everything I can.

How Breast Cancer Can Affect Fertility

Dr. Angeline Beltsos | Posted 10.31.2014 | Healthy Living
Dr. Angeline Beltsos

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in 2014. Of those diagnoses, the majorit...

Did You Look Beyond the Pink This Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Amy Heinz | Posted 10.31.2014 | Healthy Living
Amy Heinz

Don't simply donate to the cause. Be a crusader for you own cause. Know your breasts. Take note of changes. Trust your instincts. And, should you ever hear the dreaded words she did, "You have cancer," know that you're not alone.

3 Breast Cancer Survivors: Stories on Faith, Hope and Purpose

Vanessa Cunningham | Posted 10.30.2014 | Healthy Living
Vanessa Cunningham

I was moved to showcase these women in hopes that women would draw strength, courage, and hope from these stories.

Breast Cancer Needs to Receive More Attention Outside the U.S.

Farah Mohammed | Posted 10.30.2014 | World
Farah Mohammed

Thanks to the efforts of multiple organizations, public knowledge of the disease, which affects 1 in 8 American women, is at a high. The same cannot be said about the disease worldwide, a topic which receives significantly less attention.

The End of October But Not the End of Breast Cancer

Susan M. Love | Posted 10.30.2014 | Healthy Living
Susan M. Love

The real questions for those of us working on this problem are: What are we going to do next? What actions are we going to take to make a real difference in eliminating breast cancer deaths? Screening is ubiquitous, however, we too often conflate finding tumors with saving lives.

Anna Almendrala

The Genetic Test That Could Transform Breast Cancer Care | Anna Almendrala | Posted 10.29.2014 | Healthy Living

Breast cancer prevention usually starts with breast self-exams in your 20s and progresses to yearly mammograms in your 40s. But if genome sequenci...

Being There

Ree Varcoe | Posted 10.29.2014 | Healthy Living
Ree Varcoe

Choose to be brave and purposeful with your time and your love. Put yourself in another's situation and think of things that might ease their burden. As my father used to say, "What each one of us needs is what each one of us needs to give."

Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud: Continuing the Conversation About Breast Cancer Within Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud | Posted 10.29.2014 | World
Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud

There are beacons of hope, drum beats starting in far corners of the world, people working to change the conversation and create awareness. Nowhere is this more apparent than my home, Saudi Arabia.

The Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and a Woman Named Linda

Jessica Pearce Rotondi | Posted 10.30.2014 | Women
Jessica Pearce Rotondi

Two years ago today, The New York stock exchange suspended trading. A building collapsed near Union Square, its front walls sliding off like they were made of sand. Five years ago today, I stood over my mother in a hospice bed and tried to breath for her.

Metastatic Breast Cancer As Seen Through A Daughter's Eyes

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 10.28.2014 | Impact
Barbara Jacoby

Although Cate and her mom had always been very close, their bond grew stronger after the diagnosis.

Battling Breast Cancer: FDA Focuses on Progress for Patients

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg | Posted 10.31.2014 | Healthy Living
Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg

We have made considerable progress, but there is still much to learn about this life-altering disease that affects many Americans. FDA is deeply committed to applying the best available science to develop the best tools, treatments and opportunities for patients, bringing us closer to a cure.

A Good Defense is the Best Offense: How Early Detection Saves Lives

Samantha Golkin | Posted 10.28.2014 | Women
Samantha Golkin

Self-exams, mammograms, MRI's, family history and genetic testing, collectively, are detection methods that are highly effective weapons in the arsenal against breast cancer