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Breast Cancer Survivor

6 Movies to Chase Away the Blues

Alice Hoffman | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Alice Hoffman

During times of sorrow, there are certain films that always help us to escape, at least for about ninety minutes. Sometimes movies really are the best medicine.

Please Stop Bashing Pinkwashers and the NFL

Lisa Masters | Posted 01.23.2014 | Women
Lisa Masters

I don't care if they make a profit. I don't care if they make a huge profit. I don't care if they make a tiny profit. I don't care if some of them make no profit at all as long as October remains pink.

Breast Cancer: Sara I'm Pissed!

Lisa Masters | Posted 01.23.2014 | Women
Lisa Masters

I've posted before that I see October as the color pink. I still do but there are many whose hearts bleed red across this sea of pink and see October as black.

A Secret Fear Teaches Me an Ugly Truth About 'Awareness'

Debbie Woodbury | Posted 01.23.2014 | Women
Debbie Woodbury

Lining other people's pockets in the name of breast cancer will not save our sisters living with metastatic cancer. Only research will do that.

22 Ways To Help A Friend With Breast Cancer

Posted 10.07.2013 | Healthy Living

By Anne Krueger Whether your friend or family member is newly diagnosed or in the midst of treatment, she's unlikely to be wowed by vague offers ...

WATCH: Breast Cancer Survivor's Poignant Time-Lapse Video

The Huffington Post | Meredith Bennett-Smith | Posted 10.02.2013 | Women

This is what a year of breast cancer treatment looks like. When Jersey City-based writer Emily Helck was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 20...

Giuliana Rancic: How My Diet Changed After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

HuffPost Live | Posted 10.01.2013 | Healthy Living

Giuliana Rancic, the famous co-anchor of E! News, opened up to HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani about her “Save Lids To Save Lives” c...

October: Color Me Pink!

Lisa Masters | Posted 11.18.2013 | Women
Lisa Masters

I now see October as PINK. I envision rows of white cupcakes with pink butter cream icing. After all, I was diagnosed October 4th. For me, October 4th has become my second birthday and I celebrate that day every year.

It Is Time to Work Together!

Susan M. Love | Posted 11.16.2013 | Healthy Living
Susan M. Love

Only by working together will we ever be able to achieve the overriding goal we all share -- a future without breast cancer!

The Wonders of Reconstructed Boobs!

Lisa Masters | Posted 11.03.2013 | Women
Lisa Masters

Growing up, I was in constant denial regarding the size of my bra. I swore that I wore a 36C, when in actuality, it was more like a 38DD. Since I underwent breast cancer reconstruction my life has changed in many ways with my new set of breasts -- most of them good.

Breast Reconstruction: 2012 Statistics and the Sounds of Silence!

Lisa Masters | Posted 10.26.2013 | Women
Lisa Masters

Can nothing be done? Are women being sent home disfigured unnecessarily? Are we as women and physicians uninformed of available procedures? Do the majority of plastic surgeons choose not to make breast reconstruction a part of their practice?

How to Build a Boob: What to Consider With Breast Reconstruction

Lisa Masters | Posted 10.21.2013 | Women
Lisa Masters

I survived Stage III breast cancer at the age of 46, but then developed infection after infection while trying to rebuild my breasts.

Metastatic in the Land of the Living

Jude Callirgos | Posted 08.26.2013 | Women
Jude Callirgos

I have one foot gratefully planted in this world, willfully trying to swim the same tide as everyone around me, and the other foot in The Sick World. A fragile place that after seven years, countless surgeries and thousands of drugs, has left me a wisp of my former self.

The Exclusive Club That No One Wants To Get Into

Babette Hughes | Posted 08.18.2013 | Fifty
Babette Hughes

My father was murdered in a bootlegging turf war with the mafia. Although it wasn't cancer that killed him, my family felt the same secrecy, disgrace, and guilt. Like cancer, it was the death that had no name. Like cancer, my mother never acknowledged my father's death. Not once. Not in her entire life. He was our cancer.

WATCH: The Secret Diahann Carroll Didn't Want Anyone Else To Know

OWN | Posted 06.15.2013 | OWN

Whether she was acting on the Broadway stage, appearing in film or starring in TV's "Dynasty," Diahann Carroll never seemed to shy away from the spotl...

Cancer's Best Friend: Fear

Molly Lindquist | Posted 08.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Molly Lindquist

Fear. We all deal with it at some point in our lives, but never had it been such an all-consuming part of my life until my cancer diagnosis.

A Cancer Survivor's Farewell Letter to Her Twenties

Abby Ramirez | Posted 07.28.2013 | Healthy Living
Abby Ramirez

My darling Twenties, you were lovely and ultimately had a rather dramatic conclusion. Cancer stole something from us that we will never get back. But I found myself because of the relationship I had with you. And now, after 10 magnificent years, I have to bid you adieu.

Joe Van Brussel

Swimwear Line Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Feel Sexy Again | Joe Van Brussel | Posted 05.21.2013 | Impact

Frustrated with the lack of fashionable swimsuit options for women who have undergone breast-removal surgery, Patricia Brett started Veronica Brett, a...

A Cancer Survivor's Tribute to Mom

GalTime | Posted 07.14.2013 | Women

There I was on one end of the phone trying to sound calm, cool and collected because I wanted to protect her. And there she was on the other end of the phone, offering consoliatory words in an effort to protect me, her daughter.

The Moment I Realized How Angry I Was About My Breast Cancer

Babette Hughes | Posted 07.07.2013 | Fifty
Babette Hughes

A mother cries because she doesn't want to wear a wig to her daughter's wedding. The woman who has already outlived by a year her prognosis of imminent death talks and talks as if her unbroken chain of outpouring words are keeping her alive.

LOOK: One Survivor's Incredible Self-Portraits

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | Posted 04.17.2013 | Women

An incredibly brave breast cancer survivor has decided to share images of her post-mastectomy body with the world. Ottawa-based Kelly Davidson, 34...

When the Other Shoe Drops: Making Sense of Life When Cancer Returns

Amy Curran Baker | Posted 06.12.2013 | Healthy Living
Amy Curran Baker

My medical oncologist asks me how I'm doing "psychologically." And the truth is that most days I'm fine. Although I wish -- of course -- that I didn't have cancer again. I am calm and methodical about my cancer and how I will go about treating it, because now it is just a part of my life.

Giving a Big Fat Finger to Cancer

Seporah Raizer | Posted 06.10.2013 | Healthy Living
Seporah Raizer

Once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, the word "worry" takes on a life of its own. You worry about the treatment working, the cancer coming back, the cancer spreading, how you're supposed to live a "normal" life. You worry. But you live. Because you have to.

How Pinterest Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

Noel Franus | Posted 05.28.2013 | Impact
Noel Franus

Today in the US, about half of all survivors live with post-mastectomy scars. When my sister-in-law Molly experienced this first-hand she started P.INK -- a platform on Pinterest that provides breast cancer survivors with tattoo ideas, design inspirations and connections to artists we like.

Why I'm On A Quest To Sample Every Chocolate I Can

Melissa T. Shultz | Posted 05.25.2013 | Fifty
Melissa T. Shultz

A friend of mine, a mom, recently asked me for ideas on how to distract herself during an upcoming medical procedure. I told her to think Bucket List, and then I told her my story.