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Technology to the Endangered Language Rescue?

Alissa Stern | Posted 11.26.2014 | Impact
Alissa Stern

As the second in this series looking at what's working to help endangered and threatened languages, we address technology: what kind of technologies are being used, which can empower people to take action, and which are having an impact on the numbers of speakers.

'You Are What Comes Out of Your Mouth'

Kemi Nekvapil | Posted 11.26.2014 | Women
Kemi Nekvapil

We all have the ability to be judgmental, but our ability to drop that judgement as soon as it appears is where our compassion lives. Whoever we are, we are on the same journey. We thrive, we fall down, we hurt, we try, we make big mistakes and we dream.

The Subversive Act of the Love Story

Creston Davis | Posted 11.26.2014 | Politics
Creston Davis

Given our limited compressed capitalist time, that we are forced to rely on the corporate media to give us "reality" in overly simplistic, even insulting terms. What act could we commit ourselves to that would break with this reigning ideological propaganda machine? I submit to you the love story.

#GivingTuesday: A Guide for Nonprofits

Hilary A. Doe | Posted 11.25.2014 | Impact
Hilary A. Doe

It's coming up. Every Dec. 2nd, families, students, businesses, and organizations around the world come together for Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back.

7 Ways to Get Happy (Hint: It's Not About the "Stuff")

Sarah van Gelder | Posted 11.24.2014 | Impact
Sarah van Gelder

Many of us do get distracted and confused. After all, we need material security to live, and support our families, and our increasingly unequal society makes that more and more difficult.

Chronicles of a Crowdfunding Amateur: Part One

Andrew Chau | Posted 11.25.2014 | Small Business
Andrew Chau

I never know how to respond when people ask me if they should use Kickstarter to start their business. After all, I've seen just as many Kickstarter failures as I have successes.

Lights Go on Part XXXIII: Drive

Thomas Bähler | Posted 11.21.2014 | Healthy Living
Thomas Bähler

Sunday was a lovely day here in New York City --  Lincoln Center, Central Park and the sidewalks were full of smiling faces. Enjoying as ever, I ...

Moms Need Friends, Too

Karen Cordano | Posted 11.24.2014 | Parents
Karen Cordano

I tried to play it cool around her, didn't want her to know that I was in desperate friend-love with her. On Facebook I wrote frequent, obsessively creepy status updates chronicling my quest to awkwardly befriend her.

A Unique Way to Celebrate the Arts and Support a Good Cause

Barbara Ernst Prey | Posted 11.21.2014 | Arts
Barbara Ernst Prey

The magazine has a history of supporting the arts, and for many years it featured artwork of respected American Artists as their covers.

Changing the World One Woman at a Time

Kimberly Inskeep | Posted 11.19.2014 | Impact
Kimberly Inskeep

My chat with Vicki was transformational for me. I was inspired to find new ways to contribute to the dreams of others and evolve my own vision. I know you too will be stirred and can't wait to hear your dreams and ideas to encourage more women to pursue their dreams.

Gratitude Speaks: Katharine L'Heureux, Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty

Miriam Ava | Posted 11.18.2014 | Impact
Miriam Ava

Gratitude Speaks creates worlds. Gratitude Speaks brings forth what has not existed before. It's wild, and free, and magical.

How We Learn From Urban Immersion

Charles R. Wolfe | Posted 11.18.2014 | Arts
Charles R. Wolfe

How we experience purchases of coffee and baked goods may sound fairly trivial, and elitist. But, based on my current immersion in the south of France, I have come to think these simple interactions offer valuable lessons for how to live in neighborhoods and cities.

Seeing the Unseen

Jennifer Hamady | Posted 11.14.2014 | Healthy Living
Jennifer Hamady

Regardless of what demographics might say, we are not distinct groups of people inhabiting the same space. We are a community of human beings sharing time together in our schools, our homes, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces.

The Case For Social Media and Hashtag Activism

Sabina Khan-Ibarra | Posted 11.13.2014 | Technology
Sabina Khan-Ibarra

I propose that the use of social media as an instrument for activism will follow, if not already is, the same trajectory. Social media is one of the most powerful forms of activism, and (dare I say) a catalyst for change. Here's why.

The Human Dimension of Mixed-Use Development

Charles R. Wolfe | Posted 11.13.2014 | Arts
Charles R. Wolfe

It took 30 minutes for suspicions about a photograph to become a thoughtful, affinity-based gift of items that transcended place and time. That's the power of the real dynamics of city life, the connections behind the built environment that we, at first, more readily see.

7 Ways To Shorten The Distance Between You And Your Best Friends

Daffnee Cohen | Posted 11.12.2014 | Healthy Living
Daffnee Cohen

Whether you're trying to rekindle an old friendship or build a stronger one, try these tips and see what comes of it.

Let's Not Meet at a Restaurant

Lillian Daniel | Posted 11.11.2014 | Religion
Lillian Daniel

There are a lot of lonely people in the world who are in search of community and more company. But there are also people who are desperate for more private time with one other person. Sometimes I think I may be one of them.

Crowdsell - Das Marketingpotential der Community nutzen

Franziska Prill | Posted 11.17.2014 | Germany
Franziska Prill

Crowdsell bietet die Plattform, um außergewöhnliche und innovative Produkte kennenzulernen und mit etwas Fleiß sogar zu gewinnen. Dazu erfüllen die Mitglieder eine bestimmte Anzahl an Aufgaben. Jeder, der mitmacht, kann sich also zu den Ersten zählen diese Produkte ausprobieren zu können.

Town Rallies To Help Family Of Hospitalized High School Football Player

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | Posted 11.06.2014 | Good News

When a beloved student got injured, this community came together and gave his family a big boost in his honor. Hayden Schaumburg, 16, from Watseka...

Revitalizing Local Democracy

Mandy Jackson-Beverly | Posted 11.06.2014 | Fifty
Mandy Jackson-Beverly

Results from the 2014-midterm elections only guarantees one phenomenon: nothing is going to happen in the next two years.

What Jewish Millennials Want

Rabbi Joshua Stanton | Posted 11.06.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Joshua Stanton

We are creatures of expression living in an age of expression. We are deluged daily with information and opinion, with pundits and preachers proffering perspective.

4 Ways Cancer Patients Can Benefit From Yoga

Lorna Borenstein | Posted 11.05.2014 | Healthy Living
Lorna Borenstein

Prioritizing daily yoga can be life affirming, whether you are a cancer patient, survivor or supporting someone who is fighting the battle of his or her life.

A Key Lesson from Superstorm Sandy: We Still Need a Rainy Day Fund

Steven Cohen | Posted 11.03.2014 | Green
Steven Cohen

I see this as a national problem requiring a national solution. The storm may have hit New York two years ago, but it will hit somewhere else this year. If we act as a national community, we can spread the risk and the cost.

Getting and Giving the Most: The Five Commitments

Brad Jamison | Posted 10.29.2014 | Impact
Brad Jamison

Believe it or not, the holidays are upon us. Which means it's time for family and friends to get together in celebration, for towns across the country to get decked out with festive decorations and, of course, time for shopping and gift giving.

The Role of Corporate Partners in National Park Philanthropy

Neil Mulholland | Posted 10.28.2014 | Impact
Neil Mulholland

I am often asked what my thoughts are on philanthropy's role in helping to protect and preserve our national parks. It is a fair question and I feel strongly about the answer. Philanthropy, in all forms, is essential to the existence and future of America's national parks.