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Family Vacations

How 6 Hotels Celebrate Easter

MiniTime | Posted 05.29.2013 | Travel

With Easter just around the corner, kid-friendly resortsare offering spring savings along with bunny-themed events and thousands upon thousands of hidden eggs.

At The Zoo: Cute Baby Animals!

MiniTime | Posted 05.21.2013 | Travel

One of the great joys of a spring vacation is the chance to meet all the new arrivals born at zoos and aquariums around the country. Here's where to find most irresistible babies running -- and swinging, and swimming -- around this spring.

Giving Back On Family Vacation

MiniTime | Posted 05.18.2013 | Travel

We love the idea of raising our children to give back, but many of us find it hard to build volunteerism into our busy day-to-day lives.

St. Patrick's Day Recipe For Real Irish Soda Bread

Shelley Miller | Posted 05.05.2013 | Taste
Shelley Miller

Buttermilk, I thought to myself, how will that taste in a bread recipe?

Where To Swim With Dolphins

MiniTime | Posted 04.28.2013 | Travel

Looking to give your family an experience to remember? Put a dolphin encounter at the top of your list.

10 Ways To Save At A Luxury Hotel

MiniTime | Posted 04.25.2013 | Travel

The sluggish economy hasn't dampened our love affair with luxury resorts, but it has certainly shifted our priorities.

8 Easy Ways to Choose a Home Swap Club and Enjoy a Dream Vacation for Half the Price

Shelley Miller | Posted 04.09.2013 | Travel
Shelley Miller

Do you want to vacation in a flat in Florence, or a cottage in Canada, or a mansion in Mexico for free? The place to begin is to join a house exchange club. The good news is there are more than 70 clubs to choose from. The bad news is there are more than 70 clubs to choose from.

6 Unforgettable Train Trips Kids Will Love

MiniTime | Posted 04.09.2013 | Travel

The most memorable train trips deliver both fabulous scenery and a dose of Americana you just can't appreciate through the windows of a car.

Chasing The Aurora Borealis With Kids

MiniTime | Posted 01.21.2013 | Travel

For families that live in the Lower 48, the most fantastic natural light show on Earth is worth the trip north.

PHOTOS: 7 Amazing US Aquariums

MiniTime | Posted 03.21.2013 | Travel

Aquariums are much more than just over-sized fish tanks, offering a wonderful opportunity for us to discover an underwater world and view aquatic creatures up close.

Trudging and Sliding Through the Snow

Sam Lyons | Posted 03.12.2013 | Teen
Sam Lyons

How was your December 30th this year? What did you spend it doing? I spent my December 30th with my family... trapped on top of a snowy mountain in our car.

7 Family Vacation Bargains To Snag Right Now

MiniTime | Posted 03.08.2013 | Travel

If your no. 1 New Year's resolution is to find an affordable family vacation, congratulate yourself as you tick it off your list.

New England's Best Family Skiing

Liftopia | Posted 02.28.2013 | Travel

k. Another nod to Okemo is their superior ski area food, from Asian at the summit, Waffles on the slopes, to woodfired flatbreads, signature martinis and s'mores by the fire for the kids at Coleman Brook Tavern

How to Get the Most From Your Holiday Vacation

Julie Gerstenblatt | Posted 02.19.2013 | Travel
Julie Gerstenblatt

Every time I plan a vacation, I turn to TripAdvisor for advice, and you know what? It's a baaaaad idea. That site totally messes with my head.

The Shady Side Of Travel 'Deals'

Peggy Goldman | Posted 02.13.2013 | Travel
Peggy Goldman

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not against fantastic trips at great prices and advertising them far and wide. My own company has developed quite a nice reputation for offering exotic travel at great prices. I'm talking about advertised prices that make absolutely no sense, and aren't actually the final price you'll pay anyway.

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs to Read

Rachael Berkey | Posted 01.26.2013 | Books
Rachael Berkey

Don't take offense when I disappear. I just need to hang out in some make believe for a while, that's all.

PHOTOS: Best Kid-Friendly Hotel Features In Orlando

Oyster | Posted 01.17.2013 | Travel

Come explore the best kid-friendly hotel features in Orlando.

What I Learned On A Weekend Getaway

Amy Ruhlin | Posted 12.31.2012 | Fifty
Amy Ruhlin

It is a familiar beauty, this road to the beach; we have taken it before. There were summer family vacations here. There were getaways like this one; weekends without the kids. But this is the first time that we cross this bridge in our fifth decade.

Murphy's Laws of Family Vacations

Jill Smokler | Posted 10.31.2012 | Parents
Jill Smokler

The night before departure, your child will come down with a cough, cold or broken limb.

5 Simple Steps To Make Home Swaps Work

Shelley Miller | Posted 10.28.2012 | Travel
Shelley Miller

I write a lot about home exchange vacations because they've changed my family's life; I know they can change yours too.

WATCH: Embracing The VIP Experience At Seaworld

Karen Schaler | Posted 10.21.2012 | Travel
Karen Schaler

From the moment we arrived at SeaWorld we got to experience what being a VIP was all about and let me tell you it made for an incredible day and a memory we'll all cherish forever.

Makin' Good Time

James Moore | Posted 10.02.2012 | Comedy
James Moore

There were a few times up in Michigan when our entire family drove to Mississippi to visit my father's siblings. And we dreamed of making "good time." I never knew until much later in life that good time might be an important concept and achievement.

When a Vacation is a Trip

Betsy Brown Braun | Posted 09.30.2012 | Parents
Betsy Brown Braun

Do you know the difference between a vacation and a trip? A trip is what you do with children; a vacation is for parents alone. Here is the good news: there is room and need for both.

Why Your Personal Brand Wants You to Take Time Off

Karen Leland | Posted 09.30.2012 | Small Business
Karen Leland

The next time you sit down to plan a weekend away or a summer vacation, remember: it's not just your body and brain you're rejuvenating but also your personal brand -- it deserves a holiday too.

PHOTOS: What To Do And Where To Stay In Rome

Oyster | Posted 09.30.2012 | Travel

Ancient ruins stand alongside Renaissance palazzos and buzzing cafes, and the works of art that can be viewed in the city's museums and churches are enough to make any culture lover drool.