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Northern Irish Travel to D.C. to Advocate for Colombian Peace and Cease Fire

Dan Kovalik | Posted 03.19.2014 | Politics
Dan Kovalik

The Northern Irish directly confronted the concerns of those in the U.S. who claim that somehow the FARC are not worthy negotiation partners because of the human rights violations they have committed during the course of the conflict.

U.S. Assassination Program in Colombia & Why We Are Learning of This Now

Dan Kovalik | Posted 04.02.2014 | Politics
Dan Kovalik

The U.S., therefore, instead of focusing on a military strategy which objectively puts itself on the side of the Colombian paramilitaries, should instead be supporting those brave souls in Colombia who are struggling for peace at the risk of their very lives.

How The CIA Reportedly Helped Colombia Kill Rebel Leaders

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 02.21.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — A covert CIA program has helped Colombia's government kill at least two dozen leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombi...

Colombian Rebels Halt Peace Talks

AP | ANDREA RODRIGUEZ | Posted 10.23.2013 | World

HAVANA — Colombia's largest guerrilla army temporarily walked away from peace talks with the government Friday over President Juan Manuel Santos...

Hidden Trade Risks for US Big Business in Colombia

Robert Shaw | Posted 10.19.2013 | Politics
Robert Shaw

John Kerry's trip to Colombia last week builds on President Obama's renewed efforts to deepen relations with Latin America but hidden in his security and trade agenda lie many unanswered questions for U.S. exporters around the pitfalls of starting a business in the midst of an on-going conflict.

Colombia-FARC Peace Talks Center On Integrating Rebel Army Into Government

AP | ANNE-MARIE GARCIA | Posted 08.10.2013 | World

HAVANA -- Colombia's government and its largest rebel army have begun building agreements on the guerrillas' eventual political integration if peace t...

How Illegally Mined Materials Make Their Way Into Cars And Smartphones

Bloomberg Markets Magazine | Posted 08.08.2013 | Business

It’s a sweltering day in March, and Javier Garcia slogs through the dense undergrowth in a remote stretch of the Amazon jungle in southeastern Colom...

Colombian President: Ex-Marine's Release Will Not Be Media Show

AP | Posted 07.24.2013 | Latino Voices

BOGOTA, Colombia -- Colombia's president says he refuses to let the country's main rebel group make a media event of the release of a 26-year-old form...

Colombian Leader Vows Retaliation After FARC Kills 19

AP | Posted 09.20.2013 | World

BOGOTA, Colombia — President Juan Manuel Santos promised decisive retaliation Sunday after Colombia's main rebel band killed 19 soldiers in a si...

Colombian Rebels Say They're Holding US Ex-soldier

AP | CAMILO HERNANDEZ | Posted 09.19.2013 | Latino Voices

BOGOTA, Colombia — A former U.S. Marine who Colombia's main insurgency says it "captured' a month ago in a turbulent southeastern region is not ...

Northern Irish Lend Their Expertise to Colombian Peace Process

Dan Kovalik | Posted 08.10.2013 | World
Dan Kovalik

It was quite appropriate that leaders from Northern Ireland joined the Cubans in Havana last week in assisting with the peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas.

U.S. Army To Use Soap Operas In Fight Against Colombian Rebel Group

The Huffington Post | Carolina Moreno | Posted 05.31.2013 | Latino Voices

The U.S. Army seems to have a new solution to the half-century long violence propelled by Colombia’s insurgent guerrilla group -- soap operas. Well,...

Colombia Strikes Deal With Rebels

AP | ANNE-MARIE GARCIA and PAUL HAVEN | Posted 05.27.2013 | Latino Voices

HAVANA -- The Colombian government and the country's biggest rebel group announced an agreement Sunday on one of their main bones of contention, land ...

Can Colombia and the FARC Make Peace?

Daniel Wagner | Posted 07.22.2013 | World
Daniel Wagner

The nearly half century of war between the government of Colombia and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) that left over half a million Colombians dead and three million displaced may finally be coming to an end.

Accused Cocaine Kingpin Brought To New York For Trial

AP | PETE YOST and LARRY NEUMEISTER | Posted 04.06.2013 | Crime

NEW YORK -- A former navy chief of the small West African nation of Guinea-Bissau who is suspected of being a kingpin in the international cocaine tra...

Learning From Hardship: Colombia's Reintegration Process

The Morningside Post | Posted 04.10.2013 | World
The Morningside Post

The current Colombian reintegration program, launched in 2002, represents a portion of one of the most complex DDR processes in the world. Since establishing its strategic importance as part of the Colombian Peace and Security policy, the reintegration program has been characterized by its thoroughness.

Colombian Rebels Support Drug Legalization

AP | ANDREA RODRIGUEZ | Posted 04.08.2013 | World

HAVANA — Colombia's main rebel army called on the government Wednesday to legalize the cultivation of marijuana, poppy and coca leaf, as well as...

FARC Denies Peace Talks Are Going South

AP | ANDREA RODRIGUEZ | Posted 02.04.2013 | Latino Voices

HAVANA -- Colombia's main rebel group denied on Monday that peace negotiations with the government are foundering and accused that country's media of ...

Venezuela Pledges Support For Colombia Peace Talks

AP | FABIOLA SANCHEZ | Posted 01.18.2013 | Latino Voices

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuela's vice president and foreign minister assured Colombia's top diplomat on Friday that their government is willing to ke...

Colombia Wants To Speed Up FARC Talks

AP | Posted 03.16.2013 | Latino Voices

BOGOTA, Colombia — Colombia's delegation to peace talks with FARC rebels is heading back to Cuba to resume negotiations, and its chief says it's...

Expanding the Realm of the Possible in 2012

Beverly Bell | Posted 03.12.2013 | Impact
Beverly Bell

So vast and fiery are the problems that it may seem impossible to imagine that solutions exist or that change may be imminent. And yet, 2012 brought advances and victories that shifted the debate, transformed power, and won real gains in quality of life.

Colombia, Rebels Hope Rising Trust Can Yield Peace

AP | PAUL HAVEN | Posted 12.17.2012 | Latino Voices

HAVANA -- While the angry rhetoric and bombs continue to fly back home, Colombian rebels and government negotiators in peace talks in the Cuban capita...

FARC Declares Ceasefire

Reuters | Posted 01.19.2013 | World

By Jeff Franks HAVANA, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Colombia's FARC rebels announced on Monday a two-month unilateral ceasefire, the first truce...

FARC Rebels Kill 5 Colombian Soldiers Amid Peace Talks

Reuters | Posted 12.20.2012 | World

BOGOTA, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Five Colombian soldiers were killed by FARC rebels in the first major incident since peace talks between the Andean count...

Colombia: Peace at Last? (AUDIO)

Kimberly Abbott | Posted 12.18.2012 | World
Kimberly Abbott

Peace negotiations began this week between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known as FARC), a guerrilla group that has waged a half-century long offensive against the government.