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Juliette Binoche

Live From the Dubai International Film Festival: Friday, Dec. 13

Marshall Fine | Posted 02.12.2014 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

When you stay at a film festival for more than three or four days, the law of diminishing returns usually catches up with you. Yet here I was on my seventh day of movie-going at the Dubai International Film Festival -- my last day here.

Director Bruno Dumont Lectures on Cinema at the Marrakesh International Film Festival: "Break Cliches!"

Karin Badt | Posted 02.03.2014 | Entertainment
Karin Badt

Director Bruno Dumont spoke passionately to a huge audience of fans and cinema students here in Marrakesh, in a two hour masterclass. Very clear and...

Juliette Binoche Honored at the Marrakesh International Film Festival

Karin Badt | Posted 02.03.2014 | Entertainment
Karin Badt

Camille Claudel 1915 is a testimony to Binoche's enormous talent, much as was the film that put Binoche in the international spotlight: Kieslowski's Blue, a similarly emotionally raw story about a woman going through extreme bereavement.

Stars at the Marrakech International Film Festival: from Juliette Binoche and Charlotte Rampling to Nicolas Winding Refn and Abbas Kiarostami

Karin Badt | Posted 01.31.2014 | Entertainment
Karin Badt

It's exciting to walk through the old center of Marrakech and see a Western movie high on a screen in the plaza, with a minaret glowing in the backgro...

Tres Brooklyn: Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum and Tres Chic: Grace Kelly Celebrated

Regina Weinreich | Posted 12.30.2013 | Arts
Regina Weinreich

Only some of the crowd greeting French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum, wore his clothes, easily identified by the tab on the back....

6 Things The French Can Teach Us About Aging Well

Shelley Emling | Posted 11.04.2013 | Fifty
Shelley Emling

Before moving to the New York City area, I lived in London for seven years. During that period, I traveled more than two dozen times to France, a place where five- or six-week vacations are the norm and many people retire comfortably at 60 or younger. I made many wonderful French friends and was more than a little awed at the way they aged so gracefully.

Cosmopolis on DVD & On-Screen, Tonight @ Museum of The Moving Image

Michael Vazquez | Posted 04.17.2013 | Entertainment
Michael Vazquez

As part of their "Best of 2012" series, the good folks at MOMI are screening David Cronenberg's film adaptation of the great Don Delilo's 2000 novel, Cosmopolis. Both are worth your time. Note to purists: skip this review, the film, and read the book first.

My Favorite French Films

Lotte Verbeek | Posted 07.10.2012 | Entertainment
Lotte Verbeek

Why French films? If you watch the below five titles, you'll know it. But to put it into words, French film to me is: aesthetics, subtleties, sensuality. Like no other filmmakers, the French understand the art of communicating without telling.

Juliette Binoche Jumps For Joy

The Huffington Post | Sarah Leon | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

"A Look Back" is a daily column that highlights a moment from fashion's fabulous past. Today's pick is of French actress Juliette Binoche jumping for ...

Juliette Binoche in Elles at the Nuart

Andrea R. Vaucher | Posted 07.02.2012 | Los Angeles
Andrea R. Vaucher

The incomparable Juliette Binoche is riveting in the new film, Elles. Every emotion, no matter how subtle, registers on that alabaster visage; one minute you're laughing with her, the next she's breaking your heart.

WATCH: Best-Seller Becomes Ballet

Posted 10.22.2011 | Arts

Best-selling book Chocolat by Joanne Harris, was published in 1999 and can already boast an Academy Award nominated film adaptation. Now it's being to...

Are the Best Movies for Grown-Ups Being Made Outside the U.S.?

John Farr | Posted 06.25.2011 | Entertainment
John Farr

2011-04-25-farr.jpgWhen it comes to what I call "human-scale" films, the rest of the world is eating our lunch.

Three Actressing Tour de Forces

Stanton Peele | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Stanton Peele

Amanda Seyfried, Juliette Binoche, Mia Wasikowska -- each actress (and her character) is passionate, committed, intuitive -- and vulnerable.

HuffPost Review: Certified Copy

Marshall Fine | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

The films of Abbas Kiarostami are critical favorites for God knows what reason. Slow and relatively plotless, they clog the screens at festivals aroun...

Gerard Depardieu Slams Juliette Binoche: She 'Is Nothing'

Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment

Gerard Depardieu is no fan of fellow French actor Juliette Binoche, saying "she has nothing" in an interview with the Austrian publication Profil. T...

One Iranian Prisoner Released -- But Many Thousands to Go

Virginia M. Moncrieff | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Virginia M. Moncrieff

The release of film director Jafar Panahi on bail is a wonderful day for those who prayed for his release. But no one can forget the many thousands of other political prisoners in Iranian jails.

Cannes 2010 Prizes: Thailand (and Monkey Ghosts) Win Palme d'Or!

Michael Giltz | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Michael Giltz

Thailand won its first Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival with critical favorite Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

A Conversation with Juliette Binoche on "Certified Copy"

Karin Badt | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Karin Badt

I was surprised that Juliette Binoche was even more beautiful in real life than in the movies. She answered each question about Kiarostami's new film Certified Copy (in which she stars) with meditative reflection.

Kiarostami's "Certified Copy": Ambiguous Film at Cannes

Karin Badt | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Karin Badt

Abbas Kiarostami's new film Certified Copy is ambiguously subtle--and here-in lies the pleasure. The story of a gallery owner (played charmingly by ...

Cannes 2010 Day Six and Seven: Biutiful is Beautiful and Jia is Beautifuler

Michael Giltz | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Michael Giltz

The theme of this year's Cannes? It's not economics, as some suggest. It's "less." Less movie stars. Less parties. Less print journalists. Less frenzy. Less crowds. And especially less interviews.

Gywneth, Aniston, Salma & More Spend Thanksgiving in Morocco (PHOTOS)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment

A few of Hollywood's biggest stars spent Thanksgiving at a black tie Moroccan bash instead of eating turkey dinners. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anisto...

Letter From Paris: An Appalachian Artist

Beth Arnold | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Beth Arnold

My prediction: Theo Edmonds is going to stir up the Paris art world. Better get a painting while you can.

Top Ten Greatest Films of 2009

Stanton Peele | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Stanton Peele

It's that time of year again, the time when film critics and aficionados remind you of those great films - most of which you missed. Here are the top 10 movies of 2009.

HuffPost Review: Paris

Marshall Fine | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

Part Parisian travelogue, part Robert Altman film, Cedric Klapisch's Paris is engaging without really being memorable.

Culture Zohn: The Unbearable Lightness of Being '08

Patricia Zohn | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Patricia Zohn

2008-09-03-zohn_bowler.jpgIt's important to remember that politics demands nuance and good listening skills, that politicians are not saints (except I guess St. Sarah), that dealing with repressive Russia is not going to be uncomplicated.