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Mother in Law

How To Handle A Daughter-In-Law You Hate

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 12.11.2012 | Weddings
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

Your son is in love and marrying the girl of his dreams so... what do you do if she is the girl of your nightmares? We'd love to tell you that all sons marry women their mothers love as much as they do but honestly, that just wouldn't be true.

6 Things Every Mother-Of-The-Groom Needs To Do

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 10.25.2012 | Weddings
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

You've just hung up the phone and you can't believe it: your son has just told you he is getting married. Hopefully, you're thrilled (some mothers are, some not-so much) but now you are faced with an interesting question: as the Mother-of-the-Groom what are you supposed to do next?

3 Ways To Keep Mom From Messing Up Your Wedding

Posted 08.09.2012 | Weddings

By Dr. LaKeasha Sullivan for Mothers all over the world have been taking control of weddings since weddings began. Oftentimes, it is ...

What Do Mothers-In-Law Fear Most?

Ellen Breslau | Posted 10.09.2012 | Fifty
Ellen Breslau

I'm not suggesting that all mothers- and daughters-in-law have terrible relationships... But the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is like no other that we experience, especially when grandchildren are involved.

What To Do If You Hate Your Future Son Or Daughter-In-Law

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 08.28.2012 | Weddings
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

There is no question that when your adult children tell you they are going to get married it is SUPPOSED to be a time of celebrations, toasts, and exciting plans for the upcoming wedding. But what do you do if you think your kids are making a mistake and you don't like who they've chosen to marry?

How To Take Back Your Wedding From Your Mom

Sandy Malone | Posted 08.27.2012 | Weddings
Sandy Malone

There was one mama who showed up two hours late for everything and jabbed me on the head with her fingernail to get my attention. And then there was the drunk one who tried to make up with her estranged husband during the reception, much to her daughter AND her ex-husband's horror.

The Secrets Of Successful Mothers-In-Law

Lisa Wolfe | Posted 08.11.2012 | Weddings
Lisa Wolfe

What are these mothers-in-law who are so adored doing right? What advice would they pass on to those of us who wouldn't mind being as loved ourselves?

4 Lessons Every Mother-In-Law Should Learn From Mine

Justine Lorelle LoMonaco | Posted 07.30.2012 | Weddings
Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

While this doesn't mean my mother-in-law hasn't (or never will) do anything that I disagree with, there are a few specific things she does that keep us far away from "monster-in-law" territory.

In Defense of Mother-in-Laws

Lisa Wolfe | Posted 07.11.2012 | Weddings
Lisa Wolfe

On this day of celebrating mothers for their love and hard work, how many of us are secretly (or not so secretly) dreading the brunch or dinner we're required to have with our mother-in-law?

Remembering a Mother-in-Law Who Embodied Resilience & Leadership

Jane Shure | Posted 07.08.2012 | Women
Jane Shure

My mother-in-law was smart as a whip and, while frustrated about the limitations placed on her by social norms of gender inequality, she took on the challenge by becoming a leader.

Has The Good Wife Given Us the Meanest Mother-in-law in TV History?

Keli Goff | Posted 06.20.2012 | Entertainment
Keli Goff

When it comes to awful fictional mothers-in-law, Jackie Florrick of The Good Wife secured her place among the greats in last week's episode. Let's take a look back at some of her fellow Hall-of-Famers, TV's most horrifying mothers-in-law.

#WorstInLawsEver: Tweeters Share Their Horror Stories

Posted 12.12.2011 | Weddings

Married people can attest to the horrors that their in-laws sometimes pose -- the mother-in-law who nags her son's wife about when she can expect a gr...

Mother-in-Law or Mother-in-Love?

Lissa Coffey | Posted 01.16.2012 | Weddings
Lissa Coffey

You've found the man of your dreams -- but is his mother turning your life into a nightmare?

Why Are Daughters-In-Law Always The 'Victims'?

Third Age | Posted 12.05.2011 | Fifty

There's an old chestnut that goes "The difference between in-laws and outlaws is that outlaws are wanted." Ouch! Well, at least mothers-in-law aren't ...

I Hated My 'Perfect' Wedding

Danielle Shamash | Posted 06.12.2012 | Weddings
Danielle Shamash

Mine was the kind of wedding that little girls dream about. Exquisite floral arrangements and tapered candles lined elegant tables in the ballroom of a luxury hotel. It was somebody's dream wedding. But not mine.

Why I Don't Like My Mother-in-Law... When it Comes to Politics

Raúl de Molina | Posted 10.24.2011 | Latino Voices
Raúl de Molina

My mother-in-law is addicted to Fox News. Like many people in this country, she believes that Obama can't do anything right.

Keeping Peace With the Daughter-in-Law From Hell

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted 09.28.2011 | Women
Dr. Irene S. Levine

There are compelling reasons to keep the peace with a DIL. QUESTION Hi Irene, My son and daughter-in-law bought a sailboat and put it in a lake hal...

Manners and Mothers-in-Law-From-Hell

Random Thinker | Posted 01.14.2012 | UK
Random Thinker

So where did your friends stand on the mother-in-law from hell (MILFH) email? I'm a teacher (no I'm not about to whinge), merely to ponder about the ...

When Are Mother-in Laws Going to Learn?

Catherine Hickem, L.C.S.W | Posted 09.05.2011 | Women
Catherine Hickem, L.C.S.W

When a mother-in-law forces her son to choose between his fiancé or wife over his mother, she is always going to lose.

Mother-In-Law's Scathing Email Goes Viral

Posted 08.30.2011 | Women

Just about every woman in the world right now is thankful that Carolyn Bourne isn't her mother-in-law. Bourne, 60, may soon be "the world's most f...

Mother-In-Law's Horrible Emails Go Viral

The Huffington Post | Ellie Krupnick | Posted 08.30.2011 | Style

Now making the Internet rounds: a set of obnoxious emails from a British mother sent to her future daughter-in-law. The subject of the correspondence:...

Happy (Former) Mother (in Law)'s Day

Candace Walsh | Posted 07.08.2011 | Divorce
Candace Walsh

In May of 2000, I met my mother-in-law, Peggy, for the first time--days before my wedding to her son...

Man Shoots Mother-In-Law Over Divorce | Posted 05.25.2011 | Divorce

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A man who police say blamed his in-laws for breaking up his marriage, shot his mother-in-law before killing himself....

My Sunday by Marian Robinson

Victoria Roberts | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Victoria Roberts