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Rockets, Airstrikes Reignite Mideast Conflict

AP | JOSEF FEDERMAN | Posted 06.04.2013 | World

JERUSALEM — Thousands of outraged Palestinians took to the streets of the West Bank on Thursday, joining funeral processions and demonstrations ...

Can Erdogan Now Deliver His End of the Bargain With Israel?

Daniel Wagner | Posted 06.03.2013 | World
Daniel Wagner

. Nonetheless, as the Syrian crisis continues to threaten the security of all the Levantine states and the Iranian issue continues its slow boil, greater cooperation should be expected between the two. The rapprochement is real; the question is, does it matter?

Israel Conducts First Airstrikes In Gaza Since Cease-Fire

AP | IAN DEITCH | Posted 06.02.2013 | World

JERUSALEM — Israeli warplanes struck targets early Wednesday in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire toward southern Israel, the first air ...

Khaled Meshaal Re-Elected Leader Of Hamas

Reuters | Posted 06.01.2013 | World

* Egypt and Qatar lobbied on Meshaal's behalf, diplomat says * Meshaal agreed to truce with Israel after November war * ...

The Jerusalem Issue

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 05.28.2013 | World
Daoud Kuttab

The incursions are no longer limited to fringe and extremist Jewish groups, but also of the mainstream Israeli politicians.

Great Smile and Inspiring Words, But No Action -- Again

Sam Bahour | Posted 05.28.2013 | World
Sam Bahour

I was hoping (but not holding my breath) that President Obama would come with a message to the Israelis that the world's superpower is now going to fill the process with accountability. That did not happen, and will not, until average Americans say, "Enough is enough."

Obama Israel Trip Destroyed Any Pretense U.S. Can Be 'Honest Broker'

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 05.27.2013 | World
MJ Rosenberg

In essence it was an unprecedented embrace of Israel by a United States president almost as if he was apologizing for not being pro-Israel enough in his first term, a myth propagated by the right.

Who Will Save the Holy Land, Brokering a 'New Jerusalem'?

Noel Irwin Hentschel | Posted 05.24.2013 | Religion
Noel Irwin Hentschel

I submit that only divine Intervention can save the Holy Land. God is the only hope for achieving a "New Jerusalem."

Obama in the Middle East: The Seemingly Schizoid Man Proves to Be Pragmatic Pacific Pivoter

William Bradley | Posted 05.23.2013 | World
William Bradley

After a seemingly schizophrenic schedule of speaking to antithetical audiences in Israel and the Palestinian territories, President Barack Obama successfully brokered a sudden rapprochement between Israel and Turkey on Friday.

Obama Should Call for Equal Rights for Palestinians

Rena Zuabi | Posted 05.20.2013 | World
Rena Zuabi

I am an American of Palestinian descent, raised in the United States, educated at an American university and now living and working in the West Bank. I witness and experience, on a daily basis, discrimination against an occupied population, which I help fund with my U.S. tax dollars.

Syria Drives Middle East Instability

Sen. Ben Cardin | Posted 05.20.2013 | Politics
Sen. Ben Cardin

We just passed the second anniversary of the Syrian uprising that began in March 2011 and the situation inside Syria and in the region is reaching catastrophic proportions. This must stop.

Obama En Route to Israel: 'Shalom Chaverim'

Amb. Marc Ginsberg | Posted 05.18.2013 | World
Amb. Marc Ginsberg

The president will go to great lengths to reassure Israelis of his unyielding support for their security. But, as he reiterates these commitments, Obama will also urge his Israeli audiences to take a long hard look at what a failed peace process means to Israel's next generations.

Palestinian Activist On sraeli Bus Segregation: 'I Live That Bigotry On A Day-To-Day Basis'

Posted 03.05.2013 | World

Israel's introduction of a separate bus line for Palestinians traveling from the West Bank into Israel has prompted claims of segregation, though the ...

Rocket Fired From Gaza Despite Ceasefire

AP | DANIEL ESTRIN | Posted 04.27.2013 | World

JERUSALEM — Gaza militants on Tuesday fired a rocket into Israel for the first time in three months, rattling a cross-border truce that has held...

Militant Jerusalem Fans Challenge Founding Principle of Israeli Foreign Policy

James Dorsey | Posted 04.27.2013 | World
James Dorsey

The outcry over racism expressed towards the two Chechen players contrasts starkly with the lack of a national response to past outbursts by militant fans.

Continuously Occupied Since 2011: On Israel's Elections and the Social Protests

Noah Efron | Posted 02.22.2013 | World
Noah Efron

Given the existential drama of the overlooked issues -- Nuclear incineration! Babies in bomb shelters! -- it may be that in Israel's 65-year history, never had a dog not barked louder.

West Bank -- Gaza Movement Is Still Restricted

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 04.22.2013 | World
Daoud Kuttab

Why can't Palestinians travel between West Bank and Gaza? The question should be asked now as everyone is preparing for U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to the region.

Religious Conviction and Reality

Alon Ben-Meir | Posted 04.16.2013 | World
Alon Ben-Meir

The Arab-Israeli conflict is generally viewed as a political and territorial conflict, yet the underlying religious component has created a certain mindset that further complicates the struggle and adds to its intransigence.

The State of the Union and the Middle East -- What the Record Shows

Alan Elsner | Posted 04.13.2013 | World
Alan Elsner

Israel may be one of the United States' closest allies but a review of State of the Union speeches for the past 20 years finds that more often than not the issue of Middle East peace and/or Israel have not been mentioned at all.

Historical Experiences and Perception

Alon Ben-Meir | Posted 04.13.2013 | World
Alon Ben-Meir

Notwithstanding their traumatic historical experiences, neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians can or should use history to foreshadow the present requirements to make peace.

A New PLO Will Emerge After Reconciliation

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 04.10.2013 | World
Daoud Kuttab

If the agreed timetable for Palestinian reconciliation is adhered to, we are promised to witness the reemergence of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the embodiment of the aspirations of Palestinians.

Confession of an Evangelical

Brian C. Stiller | Posted 04.08.2013 | Religion
Brian C. Stiller

The establishing of the State of Israel I have and do support. However there are conflicting messages I no longer can ignore. While eating dinner overlooking the Shepherd's Field in Bethlehem, I noticed that on the crown of the hill sits a recently built Jewish settlement.

Standing up for Palestine Solidarity Activists

Azadeh Shahshahani | Posted 04.07.2013 | College
Azadeh Shahshahani

From college campuses to community centers across the country, students and other activists have faced orchestrated and aggressive attacks when speaki...

Senator Hagel, Senator Graham, and the Israel Lobby

Henry Siegman | Posted 04.07.2013 | Politics
Henry Siegman

Senator Hagel's confirmation has to await action by the Senate Committee and by the full Senate. But we do not have to wait for confirmation that with respect to the Middle East peace process, the U.S. Congress remains in the grip of the Israel lobby.

U.N. Panel: Israeli Settlements Are 'Illegal'

AP | JOHN HEILPRIN | Posted 04.02.2013 | World

GENEVA -- The United Nations' first report on Israel's overall settlement policy describes it as a "creeping annexation" of territory that clearly vio...