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14 Blog Posts From 2014 That Everyone Over 50 Should Read

Shelley Emling | Posted 12.29.2014 | Fifty
Shelley Emling

The following 14 writers empowered us, sparked conversations among us, and made us realize that you really can accomplish anything you set out to, whether you're 50 -- or 100. In short, here's what we learned from 14 standout storytellers.

6 Little Habits To Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

2013-02-21-grandparentslogo.jpg | Jessica Dysart | Posted 12.29.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Feel happier instantly with these little habits proven to lift your mood. Listen to nature sounds Remember that C...

The Things Boomers Need To Let Go Of In 2015

Ann Brenoff | Posted 12.29.2014 | Fifty
Ann Brenoff

In 2015, let's let go of snap judgements, assuming the worst intentions, and mistaking unkindness for coolness. And while we're at it, maybe we can also quit bringing our phones to restaurants and sleeping with them next to our heads.

Yagana Shah

Dame Maggie Smith's Best One-Liners From Downton, As Told By Gifs | Yagana Shah | Posted 12.28.2014 | Fifty

Happy birthday Dame Maggie Smith -- or should we saw Lady Grantham? The Dowager Countess turns 80 on Sunday and though her "Harry Potter" days are ove...

5 Companies With Part-Time Jobs And Benefits, Too

Next Avenue | Clair Jones | Posted 12.27.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Clair Jones More and more people want to work part-time in retirement to bring in income and to remain engaged. Prob...

Why I Like To Sleep Alone, Even After Sex

Erica Jagger | Posted 12.27.2014 | Fifty
Erica Jagger

By the end of my marriage, I dreaded getting into bed with my husband and our twin companions: Despair and Revulsion. I didn't realize just how oppressive bedtime had become until my first night settling into my sheets alone in my new apartment. I suddenly felt decades younger, ecstatically light and free.

3 Great Ideas For Satisfying Encore Careers

Next Avenue | Mark Feffer | Posted 12.27.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Mark Feffer To an increasing number of people, the idea of retiring at 65 is a non-starter. More and more boomers ar...

Why My 60s Are The Best Decade Of My Life

Elaine Ambrose | Posted 12.27.2014 | Fifty
Elaine Ambrose

According to a recent TODAY survey of 1,500 adults, the 60s can be a positive time of life. Of the participants in the study in their 60s, 72 percent said they felt younger than their age. A majority of the respondents said their journey so far was better than they expected. The key factors to happiness after 60 include personal health and adequate finances.

Why An Aging Population Is NOT A Burden On The Economy

Michael Hodin | Posted 12.25.2014 | Fifty
Michael Hodin

As one of their year-end announcements, The Centers For Disease Control reported the U.S. birth rate at 1.86, below the replacement level of 2.1. There have already been grumblings about how a lowered fertility rate nationally will have an adverse impact on American economic growth.

Yagana Shah

6 Snapshots That Summed Up Middle Age In 2014 | Yagana Shah | Posted 12.25.2014 | Fifty

It's been an incredible year, 2014, or as we like to call it here at Huff/Post50, "The Year of the Boomer." Every day we get to write and share inspir...

Yagana Shah

The 6 Most ANNOYING Christmas Songs Ever | Yagana Shah | Posted 12.24.2014 | Fifty

The countdown is on... we're merely hours away from Christmas, presents and gorging on our favorite holiday foods. While there's no doubt the holidays...

Brie Dyas

5 Surprisingly Fabulous Things About Last-Minute Holiday Shopping | Brie Dyas | Posted 12.23.2014 | Fifty

This year, I really, really, really tried to get my Christmas shopping out of the way as early as possible. Then I was tasked with a work project that...

5 Reinvention Books Every Boomer Needs To Read

John Tarnoff | Posted 12.23.2014 | Fifty
John Tarnoff

If 2014 was the year the youngest boomers turned 50, then 2015 will be the year for us to look ahead at the inevitable economic and cultural shifts that will kick the concept of "retirement" very far down (if not completely off) the road.

4 Reasons Why Festivus Really IS A Spectacular Holiday

Nancy Wurtzel | Posted 12.23.2014 | Fifty
Nancy Wurtzel

In my home, Festivus has become a holiday fixture. We view the day as a little oasis of fun amid the holiday hubbub. In case you are considering a Festivus celebration, here are four Festivus lessons that may either persuade or dissuade you.

The 7 Most Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

Next Avenue | Linda Melone | Posted 12.23.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Linda Melone Starting a new workout routine can be intimidating, especially when you’re over 50. Changes to our...


Toni Volk | Posted 12.22.2014 | Fifty
Toni Volk

The night was clear, the air dry, the temperature hot. Except for the distant cries of monkeys, and a rustle of wings that suggested bats nearby, it w...

How To Be A Jewish Boomer And Still Celebrate Christmas

Renee Fisher | Posted 12.22.2014 | Fifty
Renee Fisher

Jews throughout history have devised clever ways to horn in on the Christmas holiday. They have created their own traditions that usually involve going to the movies and/or eating Chinese food. They get trees and festoon them with blue ornaments and call them Hanukkah bushes.

Yagana Shah

The 5 Best Moments For Those 50 And Older In 2014 | Yagana Shah | Posted 12.22.2014 | Fifty

The "year of the boomer" is almost over and we have to say it's been an eventful one. Post 50s have been making headlines in all sorts of amazing ways...

Lessons In Love From My 16-Year-Old Self

Sherri Kuhn | Posted 12.22.2014 | Fifty
Sherri Kuhn

We put up our Christmas tree last week. As I combed through the boxes, I picked up a familiar shape carefully wrapped in tissue. I knew what it was before I even unwrapped it. One of my favorite holiday memories, and it took me back just a few years.

10 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Father

Marco Cáceres | Posted 12.21.2014 | Fifty
Marco Cáceres

When you're a child or a teenager, the tendency is to look at your father as a bit of a pain in the neck. But as you grow up, have a career, get married and have a family of your own and face the daily pressures of life as a father, you quickly realize that your father was much smarter, much wiser and much greater than you used to give him credit for.

The 10 Best Books For Grownups In 2014

Sharon Greenthal | Posted 12.21.2014 | Fifty
Sharon Greenthal

Few things make me happier than finding a book that I absolutely love. Once drawn into a book, it's not easy for me to put it down. This year there were many that kept my attention, but these are my ten favorites.

The Distressing Dream About Christmas Day I Keep Having

Phyllis Sues | Posted 12.20.2014 | Fifty
Phyllis Sues

Do you remember when you were 5 years old and you thought Christmas only came once in a lifetime, because it took so long to come again? Why did I have to wait so long? Those 364 days were endless. Now decades later, Christmas comes like an avalanche.

How To Resurrect Your Expensive But Outdated Suits And Coats

Marco Medrano | Posted 12.20.2014 | Fifty
Marco Medrano

Initially, my mind was closed to the idea (the cost) of opting in to bespoke shirts, shoes, jackets and suits. While many are still coming out of the financial crisis of the past decade, I too spend nowhere near what I used to on signature garments.

The 8 Unhealthiest Christmas Foods

2013-02-21-grandparentslogo.jpg | Posted 12.20.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Christmas foods are notorious for adding inches to your waistline. These smart choices will lessen the impact without...

Taking This Common Pain Reliever Could Add Years To Your Life

The Huffington Post | Ann Brenoff | Posted 12.20.2014 | Fifty

Ibuprofen, a common over-the-counter drug used to relieve pain and fever, could hold the key to a longer, healthier life, according to a study conduct...