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Let's Get Lost: From Ground to Glass Part

Aaron Caleb Bardo | Posted 08.06.2013 | Travel
Aaron Caleb Bardo

The pickers arrive just after 7:30 a.m. in an entourage of cars. From open doors emerge sundry shapes and sizes. The "gang" circles around its leader, anticipating another day of back-bending labor and hand-rolled cigarettes.

Jamaica, My Style Inspiration

Rai Mensah | Posted 10.06.2013 | Style
Rai Mensah

We see it the lines of Marchesa to Rachel Roy. Designers are inspired by their travels. I recently traveled to Jamaica for a week, real Jamaica, not the tourist overrun locations. My trip was more of an excursion than a vacation.

Your Life in a Backpack

Norm Schriever | Posted 10.06.2013 | Travel
Norm Schriever

Think back to your last vacation. I bet your suitcases were so stuffed you had to sit on them just to get the zipper closed, and that was just for one week! Now imagine if you had to pack absolutely everything you needed for six months, or even a year, into one backpack.

How to Climb Mt. Fuji

Gail Nakada | Posted 10.05.2013 | Travel
Gail Nakada

Long before climbing Mt. Fuji was fashionable, the holy mountain represented an arduous spiritual pilgrimage for the Japanese, climbed in straw sandals and white, wrapped robes. These days scaling the peak during the summer season is not quite the same soul-enriching zen experience.

Hippie-Hipster Woodstock Love

Fathom | Posted 10.05.2013 | Travel

Woodstock will forever be associated with the 1969 music festival that happened in nearby Belden, and there's plenty of hippie kitsch around town as a reminder. If you look past the tie-dye emporiums and energy healers, though, Woodstock has its own laid-back sense of style.

Make the Car Fighting Stop!

Susan Stiffelman | Posted 10.05.2013 | Parents
Susan Stiffelman

he restrictions that come from being strapped in and stuck in a car are a terrible fit for kids. There are, however, things you can do to make the ride more enjoyable.

Dreaded Fork in the Road: Hiding My Life From My Friend

Amy Shiner | Posted 10.05.2013 | Gay Voices
Amy Shiner

I almost nearly outed myself while stating my opinion, which was a reminder that I am on borrowed time. I've been keeping up a persona of a good Christian girl for years now -- 8 years exactly -- and even more if you count the fantasies of a teenager.

The Friendliest & Unfriendliest Cities in the U.S.

Conde Nast Traveler | Posted 08.05.2013 | Travel
Conde Nast Traveler

We sure do like our clichés in the States. In our annual Readers' Choice Survey, Southern hospitality shines on that "friendliness" front, while a total of five towns in the stereotypically brash Northeast earned spots on the mean-city list.

A Different Kind Of Disney 'World'

The Huffington Post | Lisa_Miller | Posted 07.08.2014 | Travel

You can locate every single ride in Walt Disney World... but can you pin the location of every single movie created by the wonderful world of Disney? ...

JetBlue Makes A Pivotal Change

AP | SCOTT MAYEROWITZ | Posted 10.05.2013 | Travel

NEW YORK — JetBlue, known for shuttling vacationers from Northeast cities to the warmth of Florida and the Caribbean, is making a play for corpo...

Eight In-Flight Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Trip

SmarterTravel | Posted 08.05.2013 | Travel

Here are eight ways you might be ruining your vacation even before you land, plus tips for beating the odds and arriving primed to squeeze every last fabulous drop out of your travels.

Travel 'Perks' That Aren't Always as Good as They Sound

SmarterTravel | Posted 08.05.2013 | Travel

Have you ever paid for a travel perk that left you wishing you had kept your wallet shut? It's often best to ignore the hype--or at least investigate the truth behind for-fee (or even free) perks before you book. Here are seven disappointing travel perks that I've encountered.

26 Cheap Things to Do, Eat and See in New Orleans

Viator | Posted 08.05.2013 | Travel

ure you can drop a wad of cash in The Big Easy, but it's not necessary. Here are 26 cheap -- and free! -- things to do, eat, and see in New Orleans that won't bankrupt your vacation.

8 Things Hotels Won't Tell You (But You Need To Know)

Anthony Melchiorri | Posted 10.05.2013 | Travel
Anthony Melchiorri

Like any business, hotels have their secrets. And after spending more than 20 years working in and improving struggling hotels, I've learned them all -- the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, just like I do on Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible"each week, I'm sharing my expertise with you.

Top 9 Day Trips and Excursions Near Cancun

minube | Posted 08.05.2013 | Travel

While the Riviera Maya is often considered an inexpensive hub for those seeking boozy fun in the sun, there has been a growing trend in travelers who are opting to leave the cushy confines of all-inclusive resorts and explore the more authentic, enriching, and unique areas of the region.

10 Best Underwater Sites to Visit

FlipKey | Posted 10.05.2013 | Travel

If you have a taste for history, then stray away from museums that are flooded with tourists and navigate your way to the depths of the ocean to visit these spectacular underwater treasures.

Top Things to Do in Japan

Viator | Posted 10.04.2013 | Travel

Most travelers have a list of major sights, shrines, parks, gardens, restaurants, museums, or neighborhoods to explore. But for many, Japan's unique culture is an attraction unto itself and simply being immersed into the unfamiliar is the best experience of all.

What's Cookin' in Music City?

Budget Travel | Posted 10.04.2013 | Travel
Budget Travel

Sure, Nashville has earned its rep as Music City. Where else can you kick back and enjoy a family-friendly show like the Full Moon Pickin' Party, featuring country headliners plus bluegrass and roots artists in a public park under a full moon?

Your Weekly Travel Zen: Harbors

Brittany Binowski | Posted 08.28.2013 | Travel

This week's Moment of Travel Zen comes to us from Melissa DeCastro of a harbor in the Philippines. "This picture was taken in Pagsanjan Falls i...

11 Travel Sketches From Southeast Asia and Japan (PHOTOS)

Candace Rose Rardon | Posted 10.03.2013 | Travel
Candace Rose Rardon

In the trailer for her latest book of sketches, Drawing Around Sagrada Família, Swedish illustrator Nina Johansson says, "Drawing the world really makes life a richer experience." Since I started travel sketching two and a half years ago, I've always found this to be true.

Hotel Graffiti: Hidden, Hilarious Messages Left in Hotels Around the World

Lanee Lee | Posted 10.02.2013 | Travel
Lanee Lee

Since 2006, David Bussell has been inscribing messages in hotel rooms throughout the world - from Eastland, Texas to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Travels With Journey: The Carmel Country Inn Is Pet Perfect

LuxEco Living | Posted 07.25.2013 | Travel
LuxEco Living

By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World Carmel by the Sea at The Carmel Country Inn James Chuda for Tra...

Travels With Journey: Kimpton's Argonaut in San Francisco Is a 4 Paw Hotel

LuxEco Living | Posted 09.24.2013 | Travel
LuxEco Living

By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World Travels with Journey- Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco Our Journey ...

Forty Miles of Ice Cream from Watertown to Kingston

Chuck Kellen | Posted 10.02.2013 | Travel
Chuck Kellen

We started the day on the STIHL Tour des Trees with a tree dedication of a Japanese lilac at the Jefferson County Historical Society Victorian Garden in Watertown, N.Y. Having just left Syracuse the day before, Watertown was a stark difference with its hometown atmosphere.

Coolest Modes of Transportation Around the World

Lacy Morris | Posted 10.02.2013 | Travel
Lacy Morris

Planes, trains, and automobiles are universal, but in some reaches of the world, moving parts are put to new uses. Here is just a glimpse of some of the coolest modes of transportation you could find yourself flagging down, jumping on, or jumping off when traveling the world.