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How 'The Mindy Project' Almost Ruined This Man's Surprise Proposal

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 08.28.2014 | Weddings

Proposing is sometimes a lot harder than it looks -- that's the lesson one man learned recently when his surprise proposal was almost derailed by some...

5 Financial Things You Must Do Together After Your Wedding

Sandy Malone | Posted 08.28.2014 | Weddings
Sandy Malone

Money is one of the top causes of divorce in this nation. Couples who face financial problems together will survive them and come out stronger in the end. Don't let the stupid stuff bog you down and ruin your marriage.

Worst Wedding Day Ever: I Should Have Made a Run for the Border

Fiona Finn | Posted 08.28.2014 | Weddings
Fiona Finn

Another odd moment was as I arrived at the church my grandma Beatty, my mother's mother, whispered in my ear that I didn't have to go through with this marriage. Did she know something I didn't?

Marriage Proposal Featuring 1001 Hot Dogs Is A Real Wiener

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 08.27.2014 | Weddings

Using hot dogs to propose to the love of your life might not seem romantic, but wait until you hear this story. Twenty-eight-year-old Wang, from C...

20 Wedding 'Must Haves' You Don't Really Need

Wendy Atterberry | Posted 08.27.2014 | Weddings
Wendy Atterberry

For any of you stressing about all the details you've been told you have to include in your wedding, here are 20 wedding "must-haves" we happily skipped.

How To Plan A Wedding, The Brutally Honest Edition

The Huffington Post | William Goodman | Posted 08.26.2014 | Weddings

Congratulations! You've found that one special person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. You can already envision the happy life you...

The 60 People You'll Find At Every Wedding

WeddingWire | Posted 08.27.2014 | Weddings

At every wedding, you'll find the drunk uncle, the weeping sorority sister, the people who are only there for the food, the girl who really thinks she can dance and the girls who actually can't dance, but they can JUMP! A LOT!

The Nine-Year Proposal

Tyler Moss | Posted 08.28.2014 | Weddings
Tyler Moss

Relatives peppered me with questions about when we'd finally full-on commit. The truth is, for a long time, I was in no hurry. We already shared an apartment, a dog, a bank account. How much different could marriage be?

Love and... Remarriage: Etiquette for an Encore Wedding

Cheryl Seidel | Posted 08.25.2014 | Weddings
Cheryl Seidel

A good friend of mine was getting remarried and it was an amazing event. When planning her wedding, she told me it was a challenge to find information, advice or inspiration for her Encore wedding.

A Greek Island Fairytale Wedding: Here's Our Story!

Alexis Meads | Posted 08.25.2014 | Weddings
Alexis Meads

I laughed nonstop with my girlfriends about old stories from childhood and college. We all got chased by the aggressive but entertaining resident parrot, Tardu, and screamed when we found giant spiders dangling above our beds.

8 People You Won't Want To Invite To The Big Day (But Have To!)

The Knot | Posted 08.25.2014 | Weddings
The Knot

Unwanted guests don't have to ruin your big day -- as long as you know where to put 'em. Meet the top eight nuisances and troublemakers you'll invite (and learn how you can minimize the damage).

Prenuptial Agreements: The Ultimate Symbol of Love?

Justine Borer | Posted 08.22.2014 | Divorce
Justine Borer

Marriage is a profound and public proclamation of love and it is also a government-sanctioned economic partnership with attendant rights and responsibilities.

Tying the Knot in Today's Iran

Mehrnaz Samimi | Posted 08.20.2014 | Weddings
Mehrnaz Samimi

Over 11 million eligible Iranians are unmarried, according to official statistics. The government has repeatedly expressed concern over the low rate of marriage in the country over the past few years, and has encouraged single people to tie the knot.

What The Size Of Your Wedding Might Say About Your Marriage

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 08.20.2014 | Weddings

Sure, inviting everyone and their cousin to your Big Day might cost you a pretty penny, but it could pay off in the long run. A new study says that pe...

Top 4 Sites to Rent From for All Your Wedding Fashion Needs

Leila Lewis | Posted 08.20.2014 | Weddings
Leila Lewis

They find DIY hacks on Pinterest, comparison shop online and opt for off-season wedding dates. Now a new service is becoming more and more popular -- renting and returning for your wedding, particularly with fashion.

Young Mother Goes From Working In Jails To Designing Wedding Veils

Posted 08.20.2014 | MarloThomas

"One of the reasons I started my website is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. We women need to know that we don't have to ha...

Do Big Weddings Make Good Marriages?

Laura Stepp | Posted 08.20.2014 | Weddings
Laura Stepp

Is there a magical number of guests that suggests the marriage will succeed, or that might help a couple limit the number of those invited in order to keep down costs?

8 Iconic Music Video Wedding Dresses

Posted 08.18.2014 | Training

T Every great wedding features a great wedding dress -- even if it's only in a music video. Beyonce recently put the wedding dress she wore in her ...

3 Smart Ways To Use Credit Cards To Help Offset Wedding Costs

Simple. Thrifty. Living. | Posted 08.15.2014 | Weddings
Simple. Thrifty. Living.

This might sound like the worst idea, but sometimes putting some wedding costs on a credit card can actually make good financial sense. You just need to be careful with how you use it.

Timing Is Everything for Wedding Photobombs: Especially When a Bare Butt Is Involved

Sandy Malone | Posted 08.13.2014 | Weddings
Sandy Malone

The really funny ones go viral and then other people try to copy (sometimes with hilarious results) the same stunts at the next wedding they attend. Keep this in mind: The very best photobombs are accidental.

Your Fears Reveal Your Age

Sybil Adelman Sage | Posted 08.11.2014 | Comedy
Sybil Adelman Sage

I'm supposed to get through that?!! - birth My parents won't hear me cry: birth to 5 Can I keep up: toddlers and those who've had knee replacements ...

11 Creative Ways To Photograph Your Wedding Rings

The Knot | Posted 08.11.2014 | Weddings
The Knot

By Jamie Miles for It's a given that there will be plenty of ring photos in your wedding album -- particularly when you're exchanging rin...

15 Rose Gold Wedding Details You'll Want To Steal

Leila Lewis | Posted 08.14.2014 | Weddings
Leila Lewis

Silver and gold have been wedding staples for ages, but rose gold is taking over!

The 5 Ways Gay Married Men Are Turning Back The Wedding Clock

David Toussaint | Posted 08.08.2014 | Gay Voices
David Toussaint

Now we're turning full gay circle with gay men spreading the notion that marriage equality somehow means gay men automatically want marriage and probably children. If we don't have a husband we are not only unfortunate, but we must find one before we get too old.

The Surprising Key Element in Happy Couples

Dr. Shannon Kolakowski | Posted 08.11.2014 | Weddings
Dr. Shannon Kolakowski

What do you think accounts for those who seem madly in love, versus couples who don't make it or seem miserable together?