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Peace in the Middle East: A 7-Point Plan for Jon Voight

Sara El-Yafi | Posted 09.08.2014 | Politics
Sara El-Yafi

There is no ethnicity to suffering. The more we delay this understanding, the more we delay peacemaking and democratic state building. No one wins.

Boycotting University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jonathan Judaken | Posted 08.29.2014 | College
Jonathan Judaken

The grounds of the academic war zone that surrounds Israel/Palestine are booby-trapped and they are shifting.

Colonial Baggage for America in Palestine

Salam Al Marayati | Posted 08.12.2014 | Politics
Salam Al Marayati

The U.S. aimlessly manages the symptoms rather than deal with root causes, which starts with the atrocities against the Palestinian people and extends to support for tyranny throughout the region to maintain the status quo.

Israel Doesn't Get a Free Pass, but Anti-Semitism Doesn't Either

Holly Dagres | Posted 08.10.2014 | World
Holly Dagres

While criticizing Israel certainly isn't anti-Semitic, it is important to note there is a fine line to cross when some begin equating Zionism with Judaism in an effort to show support for Palestine during this politically charged time.

Will Zionism and Hamas Ideology Be Criminalized?

Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey | Posted 08.08.2014 | World
Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) remains one of few options for the "State of Palestine," but it's one with profound implications for Zionism and Hamas.

The Root Cause of the Never-Ending Conflict in Palestine; and How to Fix It

Peter Cohen | Posted 08.10.2014 | Politics
Peter Cohen

The notion of Jewish nationhood is a 19th-century invention, and like many other 19th-century inventions it is taking a long time to unravel and lay to rest. The following addresses the question of how the damage caused by the Zionist project might be reduced, or even reversed, by peaceful political means.

The Anti-Semite Inside You

Ariel Chesler | Posted 07.31.2014 | Politics
Ariel Chesler

I suggest that in the same way we talk about internalized sexism and racism and homophobia we must talk about internalized anti-Semitism.

War of Words, Words of War: An Annotated Glossary of the Israel-Hamas Conflict, According to a Guy Who Loves Israel and Hates War

Rabbi Michael Rothbaum | Posted 07.31.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Michael Rothbaum

Words are also things. They have weight and substance. They are real and tangible. But that doesn't mean we understand them. And so the conversation becomes harder, because it hardly seems we're part of the same conversation. Here, then, is my list, a glossary of words of my choosing, with definitions and annotations I've devised.

Confessions of an 'Uncritical' Israel 'Booster'

Gil Troy | Posted 07.30.2014 | Politics
Gil Troy

Israel's supporters are not a special breed of fanatic, "uncritical boosters"; but a diverse lot of thoughtful patriots, confronting dilemmas while also affirming Jewish national dreams and Israel's fundamental rights.

What Not to Say to a Zionist

Rabbi Baruch HaLevi | Posted 07.24.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Baruch HaLevi

Look, I know most, maybe all, of these comments were coming from a place of genuine concern. Who doesn't want to be cared for and have people in their lives who love them enough to express such sentiments? With that said, my friends, such sentiments don't sit well with Zionists.

Why I Am a Zionist

Robert David Jaffee | Posted 09.21.2014 | Politics
Robert David Jaffee

Twenty-five years ago, in late 1989, I enrolled in an ulpan or Hebrew immersion program at Mishmar Haemek, a kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley. When I met the kibbutzniks as well as the other students in the ulpan, many of them would ask me two questions.

I'm Done Apologizing for Israel

Rabbi Menachem Creditor | Posted 09.20.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

I ask the enraged critics of Israel's defensive responses to Hamas: Would you have us not respond to this monstrosity? Do you think it's not worth losing the PR battle to retain our humanity and save as many lives as possible?

Where Is the Justice?

Wardah Khalid | Posted 09.10.2014 | World
Wardah Khalid

Enough is enough. Every party in this conflict must ask themselves: Have we so lost our humanity that we would rather leave these people in a living hell for our own selfish gain? For the sake of those innocent civilians suffering on both sides of the conflict, let's pray the answer does not take too much longer.

A New Israeli Judaism

Temima G. Shulman | Posted 09.10.2014 | Religion
Temima G. Shulman

A rising star in Israel's media and spiritual renewal movement, Dr. Goodman, 39, had probably never imagined himself a candidate to bring different, polarized elements of Israel's society together to talk about loaded ideas like chosenness, Jewish power, identity, and its implications for the dead-locked peace process.

Why Is Mohammed Abu Khdeir's Death Different From All Other Palestinian Deaths?

Ahmed Moor | Posted 09.08.2014 | World
Ahmed Moor

Lately commentators have spent time reflecting on the prominence of hate in Palestine/Israel. They write that we're approaching the "Point of no retur...

A Jew in the World

Rabbi Menachem Creditor | Posted 09.01.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

I woke this morning to a world further from peace. Rage fills so many hearts, mine included. There must be room for this. We are grieving our children, killed in cold blood for being Jews.

Jaweed Kaleem

Presbyterians Make A Move Against Controversial Zionism Booklet | Jaweed Kaleem | Posted 06.28.2014 | Religion

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has removed a controversial publication from its website that was targeted by prominent Jewish organizations and church ...

My Israel Is a Strong Israel

Rabbi Jack Moline | Posted 08.19.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Jack Moline

Writings like Horovitz's column appeal to American Jews who cling to a notion of Jewish powerlessness and who need enemies to define their identity. They resist celebrating a US-Israel bond that is stronger than it has ever been.

U.S. Jews Stand Divided On Israel

AP | RACHEL ZOLL | Posted 06.09.2014 | Religion

NEW YORK (AP) — Once a unifying cause for generations of American Jews, Israel is now bitterly dividing Jewish communities. Jewish organizations ar...

J Street Flap Exposes Jewish Double Standard

Shai Franklin | Posted 07.16.2014 | Politics
Shai Franklin

As the Jewish right and left wings rush to their respective corners, those of us in the relative center of the community have a right to feel excluded and frustrated by the Presidents' Conference decision.

What Does It Mean To Be 'Pro-Israel'?

Religion News Service | Lauren Markoe | Posted 05.07.2014 | Religion

WASHINGTON (RNS) Who speaks for the American Jewish community? On most any topic, there is no single answer. But on Israel, the U.S. government has...

Why Reinhold Niebuhr Supported Israel

Gustav Niebuhr | Posted 07.07.2014 | Religion
Gustav Niebuhr

We believe that Niebuhr's early support for a future Jewish homeland in Palestine, and his practical concerns about the difficulties the project entailed, must be recalled now, when a document fiercely critical of Israel is making its way around the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination.

The Future of Yesterday

Avraham Burg | Posted 06.10.2014 | Books
Avraham Burg

Shavit, as a gifted writer, both attentive and opinionated, takes the reader on a personal journey across the length and breadth of Zionist history.

Asking the Hard Questions About Israel

John Feffer | Posted 06.04.2014 | Politics
John Feffer

Amid all the disagreements, however, one thing is certain. Progress can only be made through talking. If a work of art encourages that kind of debate, it is part of the solution, not part of the problem. The Admission offers no easy answers. But no one should try to stop it from asking the hard questions.

My Religious Zionist Dream, My Religious Zionist Reality

Ari Hart | Posted 05.21.2014 | Religion
Ari Hart

I yearn for a day when the boundaries between religions, ethnicities and people fall away, when borders and armies are considered relics of a broken past, when humanity recognizes the unity of all things through God. But we are not there yet.