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Tanja M. Laden

Tanja M. Laden

Posted: August 4, 2010 04:17 PM

10 Sustainable Spots in Pittsburgh

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2010-07-29-OldPittsburgh.jpgOver 135 years after Andrew Carnegie helped make Pittsburgh one of the world's leading steel suppliers, the Iron City is still working to shed its antiquated coal-hole stereotype. Yet despite its disadvantages (or perhaps, because of them), the Western Pennsylvania metropolis is putting a positive spin on its steel-town rep via a rich cultural legacy and numerous groundbreaking, future-minded green developments. Drawing on its historic ingenuity and mechanical know-how, Pittsburgh is focusing on energy-efficient initiatives, and is now among the top cities with the highest number of LEED-certified buildings in the US (49, to be exact). Here are ten resourceful gems that are helping Pittsburgh lose the literary epithet, "hell with the lid off" in favor of a brand-new designation, "the new Emerald City."

RiverQuest: Explorer
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Operated by the non-profit educational organization RiverQuest, Explorer is one of the world's first green passenger boats, using the river to connect people to their surroundings while informing the community about the area's ongoing environmental transformation. The educational watercraft was built specifically for Pittsburgh, with a diesel-electric hybrid engine expected to considerably reduce emissions. If boats could be LEED-certified, this one would be deemed Platinum.
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