10/03/2011 07:39 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

Count Christie Out... For Now


A run for president in 2012 just isn't in the cards for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Although Christie's style and temperament are just what voters are looking for in the 2012 general election, these cards say that he wouldn't be able to win over the primary voters of the Republican religious right. The Two of Cups in the Foundation position indicates that Christie's previous support for civil unions would make him fundamentally unacceptable as a candidate to the hard right Republican base.

The Ace of Swords and Seven of Swords, representing past and future, suggest that any attempt to spin the civil unions issue would undermine the authenticity that is Christie's stock in trade. The Seven of Cups in the position of Obstacles, as well as The Moon in the Outcome position, heavily underscore the sense that Christie's support of civil unions would inspire profound distrust in cultural conservatives.

The Knight of Wands and Page of Wands suggest that Christie thinks clever communication strategists could craft an acceptable message on the issue. The cards would say that the handlers have Christie's ear, but the handlers are wrong -- this issue is simply a deal breaker for these voters. The Queen of Pentacles at the heart of this spread suggests to me that Michele "Pray the Gay Away" Bachmann could use this issue to considerable advantage. The Moon and The Hermit together indicate that Christie's candidacy would be eclipsed by more socially conservative candidates and he would fade.

Let's look at a second reading below:


The Fool, pictured about to take a step off a cliff, indicates that Christie feels getting into this race at this time would be an enormous risk for him, although the Ace of Wands suggests that there is plenty of inspiration and enthusiasm surrounding his potential run. The Christie camp is very confident of their message, but the Ace of Swords in the Obstacles position says that the logistics just aren't coming together, and they aren't sure they can meet their sky high fundraising goals. It is looking like it is just too late to get in.

Worse than that, although his family is now on board, the Three of Swords suggests that Christie still doesn't feel in his heart that running for president in 2012 is the right move. The Two of Swords indicates that Christie has given the idea very serious consideration in recent days, and he has made every effort to see if a campaign could be pulled together - but, he just can't shake the feeling that it's not the right move.

So, why do I say count Christie out, for now? Because I am getting some intuitive impressions that Christie could well be tapped as a 2012 vice presidential candidate. I interpret the Knight of Cups card in the Outcome position to mean that Christie would be open to the idea of running for vice president. If so, who would be at the top of the ticket? I pulled a final clarification card to address the question - what came up was the King of Pentacles. It's early yet, and my crystal ball is still misty, but I couldn't help noticing that the King of Pentacles holds a lone star.

Key to the Cards:

Reading #1
Subject - Queen of Pentacles
Environment - The Lovers
Obstacle - Seven of Cups
Ideal - Knight of Wands
Foundation - Two of Cups
Past - Ace of Swords
Future - Five of Swords
Attitude - Page of Wands
Influence - The Emperor
Hope/Fear - The Hermit
Outcome - The Moon

Reading #2:
Subject - Queen of Swords
Environment - Ace of Wands
Obstacles - Ace of Swords
Ideal - Six of Pentacles
Foundation - The Fool
Past - Strength
Future - Three of Swords
Attitude - Two of Swords
Environment - Six of Cups
Hope/Fear - Hierophant
Outcome - Knight of Cups
Clarification Card - King of Pentacles

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