01/24/2011 05:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bachelor Week 3 Recap: Of Hand-Holding and Head Grabbing

This week Brad held a lot of hands, grabbed a lot of heads and learned the secret to romancing women (hint: it has to do with talking and listening).

Kissing Roses and Attacking Ears with Ashley #1

On their one-on-one, Brad and Ashley 1 went to a recording studio to sing their eligible little hearts out. This "terrified" Ashley at first, but when she learned they were singing Kiss From A Rose, she relaxed because it reminded her of her late father. Sadly, this didn't help her sing any better. After recording their version of the song, they went into another room to hear Seal sing it live. He did a much better job than the couple.

While Seal sang, Ashley and Brad did lots of hand-holding and Ashley felt like her dad "orchestrated it from above." Brad felt comfortable and "much more naturally affectionate around Ashley" than he had felt in long time. Ashley also said felt things she hadn't felt in a long time. (Humiliation? Embarrassment? Self-hatred?)

Then it was time for a rooftop dinner, because if The Bachelor has taught us one thing, it is that everything is more romantic on a roof. Brad thought it was an "incredible sign" that he could be himself around Ashley. During the requisite emotional over sharing time, Ashley told Brad about her father's death. Brad gave her a rose, and they did some dancing and kissing. Body Language Analysis: As opposed to Ashley 2 who grabbed Brad's head while kissing, Brad as the one to grab Ashley 1's head.

Action Packed Group Date
This week, the PFWs (Potential Future Wives) had to watch each other film "scenes" with Brad yet again. This time the theme was action movies. Assessing the women's performances, Brad said "I saw every single one of those women giving it their all, but Shawntel in my opinion just gave it the most." And by that, I assume he was referring to how she was the one who made out with the most with him during her scene.

The wrap party was at yet another rooftop. Chantal with a C (not to be confused with Smoochie Shawntel) got choked up when she told Brad she never got to know her estranged dad before he died. Brad rubbed her leg and engaged in some more intense hand-holding. Chantal told him although she acted tough, she was soft on the inside. She said she felt special around him and they kissed- with Brad going for the head grab yet again.

During a heart to heart with Alli (aka Jenifer Garner's doppelganger), Crazy Evil Michelle lurked in the shadows, in a long black dress, with ominous music in the background until she'd broken up the conversation. This made Alli conclude "Michelle just seems like an evil b*tch." Michelle told Brad it was hard for her to be away from her daughter and shed a couple tears for effect. There was lots of hand-holding and Michelle got the kiss she'd been whining about--complete with Brad's signature head grab.

Although he'd had some "pretty deep conversations" that night, Brad decided to give the rose to Smoochie Shawntel and they made out some more to celebrate.

A Date with Mother Theresa
Back at the house, Emily told the PFWs the story about her fiancé who died in a plane crash when she was 18, days before she found out she was pregnant. This made everyone cry. Meghan called her a Barbie doll with the soul of mother Theresa; you want to hate her "but you can't hate mother Theresa"

Preparing for her date, Emily worried backstory would make Brad "run for the hills". The first thing Brad had planned was a private plane ride, which obviously made Emily nervous (sneaky ABC!). In order to get to "know who she really is" Brad took Emily to a winery to get boozed up.

At first, Emily was pretty closed off and Brad was concerned they wouldn't connect. But by the time dinner rolled around (and perhaps a few glasses were emptied?), Emily told him everything, wine in hand the whole time. Brad said her story made him like her even more and he loved that she had a daughter. Then he gave her the rose and was time for hand-holding and a kiss--that surprisingly lacked head grabbing. Emily felt "totally special." Just like Chantal. And Ashley 1. And everyone else. Brad, never one to understate, announced, "The way I'm feeling right now is the way people feel when they begin a future with somebody."

Brad gets Therapized Before Our Eyes
Brad met with a therapist with a British accent (so he's legit) who told Brad to be vulnerable and make the women feel comfortable. That one session made Brad feel like he'd reached a turning point and was ready to open his heart. Brad has had so many turning points, I'm surprised he's not running in circles.

Rose Party
With the wisdom garnered from his on-camera therapy session, Brad set out to make the women feel comfortable, which meant asking questions and listening to the answers. (So...having a conversation?)

And it worked! Suddenly all the girls were opening up. Alli told Brad her dad cheated on her mom; Chantal said she wanted to let her "tough girl" walls down; Ashley 2 worried Brad didn't like her (and was reassured with a kiss) and Madison took out her vampire fangs, to literally let her guard down. Madison also confessed that Emily's story made her wonder if she needed (or wanted) to be there as much as the other PFWs. Brad told her to wait until the rose ceremony to decide (for full climatic affect).

During the party, Michelle interrupted yet another girl's one-on-one time. She told Brad they were in a fight because he was kissing other women (and because every time she speaks to him she has to create a conflict that can only be fixed with his attention). Brad explained that he wanted to be open and "seize every single moment" because he didn't kiss enough girls on his first season. (So that's why he's back!)

By the end of the party, Brad had learned that when it comes to women "all it takes is letting them be comfortable".

Rose Ceremony
The ceremony began with Brad telling the girls to leave if they had second thoughts. Halfway through, Madison ran out, Brad followed, she cried and ultimately decided to go home because she hadn't shown the "real" her. The last rose of the evening went to Stacey who, if Brad had kept Madison (which he seemed to suggest), wouldn't have stayed. So I'll bet Stacey doesn't make it to the end. Or past next week.

Booted: Kimberly, whose parting words were "BLEEP Brad. His loss" and Sarah, who was sad because she has so much love to give. I hope she finds someone to give it to.

Drinking Game Tally
Perfect - 5 (mostly on Ashley 1's date)
Change -1 (guess we've moved on from that issue)
Crying: 20 (Tied for the most tears: Ashley, Emily and Madison at 4 times each)
Hugs: 35!

Week 4 Drinking Game:
Every hand hold and every time Brad expresses enthusiasm (viewers' discretion).