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July 30, 2015


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This Dragon Is Carved Out Of A Watermelon, And It's INTENSE

YouTube/ Ortolano Production - Valeriano Fatica

You're Drinking Tequila Wrong

Getty Images

Government Says Food Companies Don't Have To Disclose GMOs

Noel Hendrickson via Getty Images

Bulletproof Coffee Fans Can Now Hydrate With 'Fatwater'

Courtesy FATwater

5 Ways Starbucks Is Robbing You

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Why You Should Always Bring Food To A Shiva (Or Any Memorial Service)

How Sweet Eats

This Adorable Hot Dog Fan Proves The 5-Second Rule Is Here To Stay


How To Make An Octopus Hot Dog, The Freakiest Hot Dog You'll Ever See

Eva Hill/The Huffington Post