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Best Pastry Chefs 2012

Posted: 02/ 8/2012 4:36 pm

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Each month, Tasting Table's Monthly Editions explores a single topic from a variety of delicious angles. Our February issue, Sugar, examines the ways that sweetness adds nuance to our eating and drinking, from cocktails to short ribs to, of course, dessert. And to kick things off, we've taken inspiration from pastry chefs, those beloved meal-ending masters. Click through the photo-essay below for our picks for Best Pastry Chefs 2012, along with their most delicious recipes.

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Cynthia Wong, Empire State South, Atlanta
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"My parents wanted me to have a 401K kind of job," recalls Cynthia Wong. Lucky for us, her passion for desserts trumped her family's wishes. At Cakes & Ale, where she had her first job as a pastry chef, Wong created delicious iterations of simple classics. Her steroidal whoopie pie, Phatty Cake, became Atlanta's most crave-worthy cookie.

Since transferring to Hugh Acheson's Empire State South last summer, Wong has stretched her repertoire to include more modern touches. Her Meyer lemon custard cake (click here to see the recipe) has the heart of a lemon-meringue pie: Serve the cake with whipped cream for a simple dessert, or garnish with black sesame crunch and yuzu for a special occasion.

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Photo: Angie Mosier


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