06/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

27 Ways to Pay Lower Taxes

Sorry, but this information is only for Walmart. Which actually means you are stuck paying more taxes.

Tomorrow is tax day and if you haven't already, you will most likely be filing your taxes. But while you are paying your fair share of taxes, Walmart is cheating states out of millions of dollars, leaving you and your community to make up the difference.

Several years ago, Walmart's tax advisors drafted a memo outlining 27 specific loopholes Walmart could use to reduce its taxes. While we don't know exactly how much these loopholes cost our states in tax revenue, we know (from the company's recent SEC filings) that Walmart could be liable for up to $2.95 billion in state, federal and other taxes if they were audited. That is unacceptable. Walmart needs to pay their share for the safe streets, good schools, and clean water we all use and depend upon.

This tax day, thousands of taxpayers from across the country have come together to demand that their states audit Walmart to determine what tax loopholes they've been using and make them pay their fair share. We're holding rallies at Post Offices and State Capitols across the country. We will be out talking to our communities about the impact Walmart's tax scams are having, from schools without adequate supplies to understaffed police departments. We will also be collecting signatures on a petition calling for an audit of Walmart which will be mailed to the state's department of revenue.

But we need your help, too! We've set up an online action where you can email your state's taxation authority directly and call on them to investigate Walmart to determine which loopholes they're using to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.