07/18/2006 04:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel

President Bush took time out from the G-8 Summit to grope German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It boggles the mind. John has the video up.

Iraq and the Middle East are in flames and we have no credibility around the world, but our Groper in Chief decides to give the little lady some attention. After all, it's what women really want, now isn't it. But what can we expect with a "fratboy," prepubescent president in charge? It is an outrage. However, the wingnut brigade thinks it's all in a day's work for George W.

Here's just one comment I got from a wingnut reader:

Bush is a Texan. Texans hug one another, kiss one another, place their hands on other's shoulders, and give hand squeezes all the time. You libs are always talking about understanding the culture of others and it's time for you to start understanding Texas culture. We're not cold and frigid like you Yankees are.

Sheesh, you need to get a life.

Ah, yes, you silly women, sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. Boys will be boys, especially at the G8 Summit. As for the conservative bloggers, it's a non-issue. For women like myself trying to make it in the world of political commentary, foreign policy and military issues, as well as radio and blog reporting, respect is all. It's bad enough we can't get on the Sunday shows, but now our president sends out the message that a world leader can be manhandled at will.

As for women in the blogosphere, digby nailed Bush, and Lindsay, who calls Bush a "drive-by harasser," expresses how most of us are feeling about this insult: disgusted, humiliated and embarrassed. Christy from FDL said this: "This isn't a Sigma Chi kegger, it's the G8 Summit...".

George W. Bush was supposed to bring "honor and integrity" back to the White House, but instead he's disgraced us all. If you need more evidence, it's all here.

- Taylor Marsh