Is Katie Kidding?

03/26/2007 12:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Consider these notes on the '60 Minutes' interview you did last night, also known as "How many times can Katie Couric ask the same question over and over again a dozen different ways without ever getting tired of hearing herself ask the same frickin question yet again." You just might have proved to be the worst political interviewer I've ever seen; you sure was on this one.

I'm amazed that this is the best CBS could do with the biggest interview opportunity of the week. Over and over and over and OVER again, you asked variations on the "you know you're dying so what's the point?" theme.

How about a segue into health care? No.

Talking about how the Edwardses* have opportunities for health care others don't have and just maybe that's what they're fighting for? No.

How about talking about their faith, which anyone can see is at the core of their ability to be strong during this challenge. Nope, you only wanted to talk about how others might judge them, their ambition, how it's too stressful to take care of his wife and be president at the same time. As if while being president life can't throw you some challenges. Good Lord, it was a disgrace, as well as a missed opportunity. You made no effort whatsoever to broaden the subject, but instead decided to exhaust the "cancer is death" topic, alert the American people.

I particular appreciated the moment when you talked about their kids, saying if I had a "finite" time I don't think I'd choose not being with my kids. No judgment there at all, Katie. Remind me again where you were when your husband fell ill? I'm sorry to be so indelicate, but after last night it's hard not to ask that question.

However, the Edwardses* reminded you that we've all got a finite amount of time. Is that news to you?

By the time it was over I'm sure both of them* wanted a stiff drink. I'd have asked for a water back to throw in your face. Though I doubt even that would have awakened you from her hamster wheel questioning stupor.

Oh, and one more thing, at some point you really should explain why you're getting paid all this money. It's not evident through your performances.

Edward R. Murrow had to interview celebrities like Liberace, but he always did it with style, seriousness and with a view through a wide lense. I can't imagine what he might have thought of the travesty you delivered last night. After seeing it, good Lord, and good riddance would have been his closer.

As for me, all I could think was you've got to be kidding. You are handed a presidential contender and his wife for an interview that encompasses mortality, humanity, faith and leadership and all you can come up with is this drivel? Give it up, Katie, because you've obviously missed your calling. You ought to be writing soap opera scripts.

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Note to my dear editor friends: Mea culpa on the "Edwardses" issue. My carelessness. Corrected.