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The Infants at Fox

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by Taylor Marsh


As I prepare to leave Washington D.C. after a momentous few days, it's only fitting that Ken doll Sean Hannity and the crew at Fox "News" wouldn't disappoint me.

The political hack attack on Speaker Pelosi started before she was sworn in. But launching this latest assault through TV captions is just, well, infantile. I guess Fox heard the latest and simply had to act.

Forty-three percent (43%) of Americans have a favorable opinion concerning the nation's new Speaker of the House. The first woman to serve in that role, Nancy Pelosi (D) earns favorable reviews from 45% of women and 41% of men. ...

Pelosi: 43% Have Favorable Opinion of New House Speaker

It's really incredible that the likes of Sean Hannity and Fox "News" can't take a moment out from their character assassinations to acknowledge that this was an historic week for women. This would include their own daughters, but I guess their political pettiness blinds these boys to the possibilities. Their Republican attacks continue unabated, complete with graphics.

It says a lot about the Republicans' support for women, especially those who reach the pinnacles of power. Republicans love to bring women out for show, but they do not give them the respect of their male counterparts. From Rice to Christy Todd Whitman, these women had titles, but no real voice.

It says a lot about the men inparticular and the Republican Party that their radio and TV spokespeople cannot honor a woman who has reached the highest position in government power of any woman in U.S. history, which honors us all. At least Rep. Boehner had the good grace to say this much.

This is an historic day. In a few moments, I'll have the high privilege of handing the gavel of the House of Representatives to a woman for the first time in American history. For more than 200 years, the leaders of our government have been democratically elected. And from their ranks, our elected leaders have always selected a man for the responsibility and honor of serving as Speaker of the House. Always, that is, until today.

Rep. John Boehner

Can you imagine right-wing radio hacks saying something like this? Hannity would choke first.

The behavior of Fox "News" and their agents disgraces and disrespects us all, but most especially the many girls and young women, regardless of political affiliation, who dare to dream of an equal future.

Now, about that 75 cents we make on the dollar...

- Taylor Marsh

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