01/17/2007 09:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This is Not a Monarchy

by Taylor Marsh

You want a fight, Mr. Bush? On escalation, you've got it.

Chuck Hagel let rip today.

"This is not a monarchy." - Senator Chuck Hagel

Presidential hopeful John Edwards has come out strong against escalation.

Senator Chris Dodd, another Dem in the '08 race, wants to cap the number of troops in Iraq.

Senator Clinton had the presser today she canceled yesterday, also wanting to cap troops, as well as sending a letter to Secretary Gates.

But the senior senator from Nebraska went further today when he joined Democrats Biden and Levin, putting forth legislation to stop the escalation in Iraq. Still, nothing could top his "this is not a monarchy" statement, which was the news bite of the day.

Legislation is a start, but it's also simply symbolism.

We need to do more. No funds for escalation. Period.

Not to be outdone, Senator Obama will call for a "phased withdrawal" of troops. Okay, he's got my attention.

Now, let's get it done.

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