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January 24, 2015

'Yo Jackass, We All Think Our Kid Is the Cutest'

Annoyed Iphone Izabela Habur via Getty Images

The real problem is not that we're an addiction-addled culture of oversharers, though that may indeed be true. Instead, it's that we're a culture of complainers. We complain because it's in our nature, and we're more apt to complain than to do something about it.

Standalone HBO Could Inspire Millions To Ditch Cable, Survey Says

Cut The Cord
zimmytws via Getty Images

Samsung In Talks With BlackBerry About $7.5 Billion Buyout: Source

Samsung Blackberry Buyout

How Uber Fails To Prove Its Drivers Make More Than Taxi Drivers


Here's What Facebook Would Have Looked Like In 1995

Facebook 1995

Netflix CEO Says ‘Marco Polo' Is A Hit, And We'll Never Know Otherwise

Marco Polo
Phil Bray for Netflix

Taking A Break From Technology Can Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Tech Shabbat
HuffPost Live

Sheryl Sandberg: 'It's Still Hard To Speak In A Professional Setting As A Woman'

HuffPost Live

Looking For Love? New App Hooks You Up With Fake Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Fake Boyfriend
Photodisc via Getty Images

No, I Won't Apologize For Instagramming My Brunch

Alexis Kleinman

You Can Watch Amazon's Hit Show 'Transparent' For Free This Saturday

Amazon Transparent
Amazon Studios

You Don't Love Anything As Much As This Man Loves Nintendo

Nintendo Collection

Seniors Play 'Grand Theft Auto V,' And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Grand Theft

REPORT: Google Plans To Sell Wireless Service

Google Sign

Republicans Wage Last-Minute Campaign To Undermine Net Neutrality Rules

Greg Walden
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Instagram Takes A Step Towards Embracing Women's Body Hair

Sticks And Stones
Sticks & Stones Agency

A Fake Onion Story About Just Became A Reality

Onion Overstock Streaming
The Onion

These Are The Worst Passwords You Could Have

Glowing Keyboard
WiktorD via Getty Images

Microsoft Exec Reveals 'Wow' Technology

HuffPost Live


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Google Plans To Offer A Cell Phone Service: Reports

Adam Berry via Getty Images

Windows 10 Will Be A Free Upgrade


Scientists Make Self-Aware Super Mario


Netflix Stock Is Soaring

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook Wants To Automatically Transcribe Your Voice Messages


Netflix Turned Down Amazon's Hit Show 'Transparent'

Amazon Studios

Arianna And LinkedIn Co-Founder: Both Science And Spirituality Are Essential To Success

WATCH LIVE: DLD Conference Tackles Digital Innovation In Munich


Amazon Changed The Price Of The Bible Over 100 Times In Five Years

Tetra Images via Getty Images