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December 18, 2014

'Yo Jackass, We All Think Our Kid Is the Cutest'

Annoyed Iphone Izabela Habur via Getty Images

The real problem is not that we're an addiction-addled culture of oversharers, though that may indeed be true. Instead, it's that we're a culture of complainers. We complain because it's in our nature, and we're more apt to complain than to do something about it.

FCC Sues Sprint For Unauthorized Charges On Cell Phone Bills

Fcc Sues Sprint

14 Nerdy Gift Ideas For The Star Wars Fanatic In Your Life

Star Wars Bottle Openers

Largest Movie Theater Companies Drop 'The Interview'

James Franco Seth Rogen
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

23 Things That Didn't Even Exist A Year Ago But Are Absolutely Vital Now

John Oliver America
Last Week Tonight

Napster Founder Sean Parker Pledges Millions For Allergy Cure

Sean Parker
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

57 Christmas Shipping Deadlines for 2014

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Watch 2014's Best Viral Videos In One Epic Mashup

Viral Videos 2014

Sony Hackers Threaten People Who See 'The Interview,' Invoke 9/11

The Interview
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

Apple Wins Lawsuit Over Its Restrictive iPod Policies


5 New Instagram Filters Released With Predictably Silly Names

New Instagram Filters

Beware: New Facebook Feature Makes It Easier To Find Embarrassing Posts


Amazon Throws Holiday Procrastinators A Lifeline

Amazon Logo
EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images

This Gadget Hooks Onto Your Underwear And Helps You Chill Out


The Questions People Googled In 5 U.S. Cities This Year

Google How To City
Huffington Post

'What Is' And 'How To' Questions We Can't Stop Asking Google

Google What Is
Google Screenshot

The 20 Most-Googled Dog And Cat Questions Of 2014

Scientists Develop Soft, 'Smart' Skin That Could Revolutionize Prosthetics

Yonhap News

This Map Shows Where America Loves 'Butts' More Than 'Boobs'



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Sony Hackers Stole Script From New James Bond Film

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Why It's Harder Than Ever To Unplug From Our Devices

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Uber Hikes Prices During Hostage Crisis, Then Offers Refunds

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Facebook Wants To Help You Stop Posting Drunk Photos


6 Apps That Will Help You Survive Your Last-Minute Shopping


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