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March 4, 2015

HBO May Be Teaming Up With Apple For New 'HBO Now' Streaming Service

Hbo Now Streaming
Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

When Social-Media Companies Censor Sex Education

Oppenheim Bernhard via Getty Images

Microsoft Co-Founder Says He Found A Sunken WWII Warship

Musashi Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Big News For Apple

Apple Beat Samsung Sales
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Gender Is Actually Very Relevant In Tech, Despite What Marissa Mayer Says

Marissa Mayer

Waze Adds Amber Alerts To Popular Traffic App


BlackBerry Unveils New Smartphone: BlackBerry Leap

Blackberry Leap

Vast Majority Would Prefer A Thicker Smartphone If It Meant A Better Battery

Galaxy S6
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Feds' Surveillance Tech Can Disrupt Cellphone Service

No Cellphone Service
Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Lenovo Being Investigated For Use Of Superfish Software

Lenovo Superfish Investigated
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tinder Plus Just Launched, But You Have To Pay A Lot More If You're Over 30

Tinder Plus

How One Business Owner Gave Up Email For A Year

Email Inbox
Devonyu via Getty Images

Google To Offer Its Own Cellular Network Plan

Google Cellular Plan

Apple Pay: A New Frontier For Scammers

Apple Pay
Invision for MasterCard

Zip-Line Through The Amazon Jungle With Google's Newest Feature

Zip Line Amazon

Samsung Announces New Galaxy S6 Phones, Opens Fire On Apple

Galaxy S6

Here's How Samsung's Apple Pay Competitor Will Work

Galaxy S6
Bloomberg via Getty Images

One Huge Reason For Netflix's Success

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images


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Uber Security Breach Affected As Many As 50,000 Drivers

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Life Would Be Infinitely Easier If These Things Were More Flexible

Eyecandy Images via Getty Images

Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Replace Car Keys


The FCC Did NOT Make The Internet A Public Utility


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