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October 31, 2014

America Pays More For Internet, Gets Slower Speeds, Than Other Countries

Google Fiber
Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Virtual Serial Killer Is Stalking Grand Theft Auto

Gta Creepy Murderer

Women Share Powerful #BeenRapedNeverReported Stories On Twitter

Been Raped Never Reported

Man Indicted For Allegedly Impersonating Winklevoss Twins

Kris Connor via Getty Images

Nintendo Wants To Help You Sleep


Tim Cook Just Changed America In A Way Steve Jobs Never Could

Tim Cook

What Your Cell Phone Company Isn't Telling You When You Sign A Contract

Cell Phone Terms
AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

Here's What The World's Thinnest Smartphone Is Going To Look Like

Oppo R5 Phone

If You Had A Verizon Family Plan In The 2000s, There's Some Cash Coming Your Way

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tim Cook: 'I'm Proud To Be Gay'

Tim Cook
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Microsoft Releases $199 Wearable Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band

President Of Taxi Association Compares UberX To ISIS

Uber Isis
David Ramos via Getty Images

This Device Lets You Click Your Heels To Get Out Of An Awful Date

Dorothy App Shoe
iStrategyLabs / Maggie Winters

Walmart's Apple Pay Competitor Has Already Been Hacked

Frown Face
Wikimedia Commons/HuffPost

8 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For People Who Love The Internet

Instagram Costume
The Huffington Post

Apple Sued Over 'Defective' MacBooks

2011 Macbook Pro
What Laptop Magazine via Getty Images

Twitch Insists Gamers Keep Their Clothes On

Meg Turney

AT&T Sued For Reducing Speed Of 'Unlimited' Data Plans

Bloomberg via Getty Images

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This Is How Easy It Is To Pirate Games On The 3DS


'Halo 2 Anniversary' Full-Length Trailer Released

Xbox / YouTube

This Fake Phone Helps You Focus On Real Life


Why Credit Card Companies Couldn't Stop Hacks At Target And Home Depot

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Vladimir Putin Employs An Army Of Skilled Hackers, Report Finds

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

'Mario Kart 8' Helps Nintendo Earn First Profit In 4 Years

Facebook Could Soon Be The Biggest 'Nation' On Earth


This Pouch Will Charge Your Phone Near (Not In) Your Bed At Night

Getty Images

Verizon Has A News Site That Bans Stories On U.S. Spying, Net Neutrality

Bloomberg via Getty Images