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November 25, 2014

'Yo Jackass, We All Think Our Kid Is the Cutest'

Annoyed Iphone Izabela Habur via Getty Images

The real problem is not that we're an addiction-addled culture of oversharers, though that may indeed be true. Instead, it's that we're a culture of complainers. We complain because it's in our nature, and we're more apt to complain than to do something about it.

Solving The Tech Worker 'Shortage' Is Easy: Just Pay Them More

Mark Zuckerberg

These Are Some Of The Best Deals On Headphones This Black Friday

Beats Studio Wireless

The 10 Best Cyber Monday Deals Of The Year

Cassandra Hubbart, AOL

Amazon Black Friday.. Apple Deals

Google's New Spoon Makes Eating Easier For Those With Tremors

Google Spoon

Why You Shouldn't Wait For Cyber Monday To Buy Online

Credit Card Phone
LDProd via Getty Images

New Sony Ad Markets PlayStation With 'Sexy' Female Doctor

Sexy Playstation Ad

How To Listen To Loud Music On Headphones Without Hurting Your Ears

'If Toddlers Texted' Tumblr Shows What Little Kids Would Share On iMessage

If Toddlers Texted
If Toddlers Texted

New Malware Used For Surveillance In 10 Countries, Symantec Says

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Is Spotify The Music Industry's Friend Or Its Foe?

Spotify Logo
EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images

Amazon Signs Lease For Possible Store In Manhattan

Amazon Logo
JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images

Awful Behavior At Tech Companies Probably Does Not Hurt Their Bottom Lines

Uber App
Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via Getty Images

If You Blast Your Wine With Sound Waves, Does It Taste Better?

Sonic Decanter
Sonic Decanter

This FCC Commissioner Did A Reddit Chat. It Did Not Go Well.

Mignon Clyburn
Bloomberg via Getty Images

New York City Could Kill Uber If It Wanted To

Taxi New York
U.S. Census, NYC TLC

Free Tool Scans Computers For Government Surveillance Software


This Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos Instantly

Prynt Case

The 13 Best Deals On Amazon This Black Friday



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