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August 23, 2014

This Guy Should Be On Fire

Fireworks Man
YouTube / colinfurze

Proof That Hollywood Doesn't Understand Texting

Frank Underwood
Vimeo / Tony Zhou

30 Years Of Music Industry Upheaval In 30 Seconds

Music Industry Gif
Digital Music News

Last Minute Redesign May Delay The 'iPhone 6': Sources

Iphone 6 Release

Introducing The Chair You Can Wear

Chairless Chair

UPS Stores In 24 States Breached By Malware

Ups Truck

Here's The Real Reason Twitter Is Now Banning Gruesome Images

Robin Williams

Twitter Bans Graphic Images Of James Foley's Beheading

James Foley Twitter

Here's A DIY Hack To Get Back At Terrible Customer Service Reps

Step 1
Harry Bradford/HuffPost

Facebook Is Quietly Making Friends With State Lawmakers Across The Country

Silicon Valley Campaign Contributions
Darren Abate/Invision/AP

The Reasons The Ice Bucket Challenge Went Viral

Ice Bucket
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Apple Hits New High

Google Finance

Ballmer Ditches Microsoft For The Clippers

Ballmer Clippers

Internet Outage Left Doctors Without Records For Hours

Doctor Chart
Education Images via Getty Images

The Trick To Never Getting Screwed By Terrible Customer Service

Comcast Customer Service
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

If Only This Selfie-Free Zone Existed IRL

Selfie Prank Central Park

Facebook Is Labeling Posts From The Onion As 'Satire' So You Don't Get Confused

Facebook Satire
Facebook, The Huffington Post

SpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test Flight

BuzzFeed KWTX

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WATCH: Elon Musk Completes Ice Bucket Challenge


Amazon's New Phone 'Traps' You

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Guy Who Invented Pop-Up Ads Says 'I'm Sorry'

Joi, Wikimedia

Facebook Donates $10,000 To Politician Fighting Gay Marriage

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Anonymous Threatens To Release Name Of Officer In Ferguson Police Shooting


Watch Ferguson Shooting Take Over Twitter In Mesmerizing Graphic


The Original iPad: Revealed

Twitter: Brilliant_Ads

You May Soon Be Able To Charge Your Phone By Yelling At It

maselkoo99 via Getty Images

The US Government Is Awful At Technology, In One Chart

Standish Group