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April 23, 2014

Now Google Has Its Own 'Time Machine'

Google Time Travel
Google Street View

'Anti-Tinder' Tries To Solve Online Dating's Creepiness Problem


The 29 Greatest Selfies Of All Time

Space Selfie

Aereo CEO Speaks Out

Aereo Ceo
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Apple Found A Way To Mock Samsung And Help The Earth At The Same Time


Facebook Knows Everything About You, And If You Don't Believe Us Here's Proof

Shutterstock / Brian A Jackson

20 DIY Lifehacks With Office Junk That Will Blow Your Mind

The Huffington Post

What Happens When A Country Escapes Near Internet Darkness

Bianca Bosker

The Winner In The War Between Xbox One, PS4 And Wii U Is... Everyone


Eric Thayer via Getty Images

How The Slow, Cold Death Of Cable Is Starting

Comcast Logo
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Your Favorite Websites Could Have Warned You About Heartbleed, But Didn't

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted On Apple Maps

Netflix To Raise Prices For All New Subscribers

This Photo Will Make You Tear Up For Your Game Boy

The Supreme Court Is About To Decide The Future Of Television

Most Americans Have No Idea If They Were Affected By Heartbleed

Watch This Surfer Ride ABOVE The Wave, Not On It

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