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Why That Flat Facebook IPO Isn't So Bad After All

AP   |  BERNARD CONDON   |   July 25, 2012

NEW YORK (AP) — The botched offering of Facebook stock has raised several troubling questions, but at least we don't have to worry about the...

Samsung Galaxy S III Reviews: What Critics Think Of The International Version

The Huffington Post   |  Courteney Palis   |   May 25, 2012

While the Samsung Galaxy S III isn't set to hit shelves in the U.S. until sometime in June, the international version of the device will...
D.M. Levine


Facebook's Less Than Stellar IPO Raises The Question: Does Wall Street Get Tech?   |  D.M. Levine   |   May 25, 2012

Facebook's botched IPO is only the latest in a string of high-profile technology IPOs that have not gone as hoped, leading some to raise the...
Gerry Smith


Smartphones Bring Hope, Frustration As Substitute For Computers   |  Gerry Smith   |   June 6, 2012

When Erick Huerta was growing up in Los Angeles, his family could not afford a computer. His mother sold tamales from a street-side stall, and...
Gerry Smith


Internet Defense League Aims To Be The Web's 'Bat Signal' For Online Protests   |  Gerry Smith   |   May 25, 2012

Back in January, thousands of websites, including Wikipedia, went dark to protest legislation in Congress aimed at combating copyright infringement. Opponents of the bills, known...

gTar: The Guitar That (Almost) Plays Itself

The Huffington Post   |  Drew Guarini   |   May 25, 2012

In the past 15 years or so, you could say that there have been some interesting developments for the budding guitar players of the world....

Facebook IPO May Have Cost UBS $30 Million

Reuters   |   July 25, 2012

NEW YORK (Reuters) - UBS AG had trading losses of around $30 million stemming from Facebook Inc's botched initial public offering on Nasdaq OMX Group...

Scientists Say Real-Life Tractor Beam A Real Possibility After Successful Test

The Huffington Post   |  Sara Gates   |   May 25, 2012

Tractor beams, a common theme in science fiction fantasy, may one day become science fact. Researchers at Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)...
Jason Gilbert


iPhone 5 Design, New MacBook Pro, And 'iTV': The Week In Apple Rumors   |  Jason Gilbert   |   May 27, 2012

Every week the numerous blogs covering the machinations of the Apple empire float unconfirmed rumors, blatant speculation and questionably-sourced reports on what the company might...

Jesus' Crucifixion Date Possibly Friday April 3, 33 A.D., According To Earthquake Study

The Huffington Post   |  Samreen Hooda   |   May 31, 2012

A new study suggests that the Biblical date of Jesus' crucifixion is, in fact, possible to confirm. The International Geology Review investigated an earthquake that...

Amazon Promises To Improve Working Conditions In Warehouses

The Huffington Post   |  Courteney Palis and Alexander Eichler   |   May 25, 2012

At Amazon, things are going to cool down a little. Jeff Bezos, CEO of the online retail giant, said at the annual shareholders meeting on...

SpaceX PHOTOS: Dragon Capsule-ISS Docking Makes Space History

  |   May 26, 2012

Today at 9:56 a.m. EDT, the International Space Station (ISS) reached out a robotic arm and grabbed the Dragon spacecraft, making Los Angeles-based SpaceX the...

Apple App Store Now Features 'Editors' Choice' And 'App Of The Week'

The Huffington Post   |  Courteney Palis   |   May 25, 2012

This week the Apple App Store rolled out its new "Editors' Choice" and "App Of The Week" features, both of which highlight apps for users...

'Brave' Steve Jobs Tribute: New Pixar Film Remembers Late Apple Co-Founder

The Huffington Post   |  Christopher Rosen   |   May 26, 2012

"Brave," the upcoming animated film from Pixar, will include a special tribute to Steve Jobs in its closing credits. According to the Wall Street Journal...

Groupon Tests A Cash Register, PayPal Eyes An ATM To Provide Alternatives To Banks' Services

The Huffington Post   |  Catherine New   |   May 25, 2012

Groupon is making cash registers and PayPal has a new ATM? It's just another week in the growing market for mobile payments and alt-banking services,...

Eric Simons, Young Tech Entrepreneur, Secretly Lived At AOL's Silicon Valley Office For Months (PHOTOS)

  |  Aaron Sankin   |   May 28, 2012

Everyone knows that employees at tech start-ups have a tendency to work long hours. Companies are short-staffed, entrepreneurs are hungry for success and that brilliant...

Internet Protection Act's Anonymous Comment Ban Proposal 'Mischaracterized', Says Assemblyman

  |   May 25, 2012

Following the news of a proposal to ban anonymous internet comments in New York, the Internet Protection Act's main sponsor is pushing back by alleging...

Internet Protection Act's Anonymous Comment Ban Proposal 'Mischaracterized', Says Assemblyman

The Huffington Post   |  Inae Oh   |   July 25, 2012

Following the news of a proposal to ban anonymous internet comments in New York, the Internet Protection Act's main sponsor is pushing back by alleging...

Joanne Jackson, Breast Cancer Survivor, Has Mastectomy Pictures Banned From Facebook (PHOTO)

  |   May 25, 2012

After Joanne Jackson beat breast cancer she wanted to share her story with the world. However, when she posted photos of her mastectomy scars on...

They're Here. They're Geeks. Get Used To It

Reuters   |  Nick Zieminski   |   July 25, 2012

Read More: Geek Culture, Geeks, Reuters
By Nick Zieminski NEW YORK (Reuters) - Turns out, geeks are inheriting the earth. Thanks to ubiquitous consumer electronics and the prominence of technology executives...

The 10 Craziest Ways To Disguise Your iPad

  |   May 27, 2012

As soon as the first generation iPad hit the market, hundreds of bizarre iPad designs, covers and accessories were quick to follow. While some may...

Bill Weigt, Paralyzed Arizona Police Officer, Gets 'Cop Car' Wheelchair

  |   May 25, 2012

Though Bill Weigt became paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot in the line of duty in 2005, he didn't lose his hope....
Jason Gilbert


Free TV! Boxee Box With Live TV Tuner Delivers HD Shows For $0 Per Month   |  Jason Gilbert   |   May 25, 2012

Over the past several weeks, my television has been receiving high-definition feeds of ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS, even though I haven't paid Comcast or...

How Google Can Beat Facebook Without Google+

The Atlantic   |   July 25, 2012

Read More: Google
Look, Google, we've got a plan to help you win on social. There's only one catch: You have to give up on the notion that...

SpaceX Dragon: Everything You Need To Know About The Space Capsule That Just Made History (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post   |  Courteney Palis   |   May 26, 2012

Elon Musk's spacecraft manufacturing company SpaceX made history today at 9:56 a.m. ET, when its Dragon capsule was captured by the International Space Station's robotic...

Jet Injector, Hypodermic Needle Alternative, Could Save Lives, MIT Researchers Say

  |   May 26, 2012

By: InnovationNewsDaily Staff Published: 05/25/2012 10:57 AM EDT on InnovationNewsDaily Getting a medical injection in the future should be much less painful than Kirk's yelps...

More WebOS Team Members To Flee HP

The Verge   |   July 25, 2012

Read More: Webos
The HP team responsible for Enyo -- webOS's HTML5-based application framework that debuted on the TouchPad -- will be leaving the company and starting at...

Angry Birds Cable Car Opens Atop Singapore's Mount Faber (PHOTOS)

  |   May 25, 2012

Angry Birds is taking over the world...again. The game, that has been downloaded roughly 700 million times, has already given way to a recently-opened authorized...

YouTube Launches Human Rights Channel

  |   May 25, 2012

Gone are the days when YouTube simply served as a portal for viral videos that are entertaining and cute -- but not much more. After...

PayPal Strikes Deals With Toys R Us, J C Penney, Barnes & Noble, Other Retailers

Reuters   |  Alistair Barr   |   July 25, 2012

* PayPal signs pact with VeriFone to smooth adoption in stores * Some Google Wallet partners sign with PayPal By Alistair Barr SAN FRANCISCO, May...

Apple Pulls Airfoil Speakers Touch From App Store Without Reason

The Huffington Post   |  Sara Gates   |   May 25, 2012

Say goodbye to quick and easy audio sharing on your iPhone. Apple has pulled developer Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil Speakers Touch app from iTunes. Despite requests,...

Apple's Tim Cook Gives Up $75 Million In Dividend Income

Reuters   |  Poornima Gupta   |   July 25, 2012

By Poornima Gupta SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook will not be earning dividend income on the more than 1 million...

Doctor Note-Taking Style Could Affect Patient Care: Study

  |   May 25, 2012

The way your doctor takes notes could affect the way he or she cares for you, a new study suggests. Research published in the Journal...
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