02/18/2009 03:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Politicking Yields Winning Time for Obama, Oscar

How about that? Mr. Obama came to Washington and got his stimulus. Of course, he didn't have the "presidential mojo" to sign the bill in DC. But here's the big question (or two): Did Obama come out ahead politically, and were Republican lawmakers just voting against the stimulus bill so to err on the side of plausible deniability - and to acquiesce to the mighty Rush? Ted, Teresa, and Maegan weigh in on the madness of the stimulus battle (again), how the media coverage is basically lost in its own conventional wisdom feedback loop (kinda like TiVo but much more boring), and the Republicans loss of leadership. Speaking of TiVo, Illinois is basically stuck in "politically-corrupt repeat-mode." What happened to the Land of Lincoln, and what was Roland Burris thinking when he lied about his Blago connections? You know where this is going, right? "Please welcome the Junior Senator from Illinois, the Honorable Corpse of Richard M. Nixon!"

But back to serious topics: The Oscars. Our hosts have their Academy Award picks locked and loaded, but there are misgivings! Has the award season gotten too political? Who should win, who will win, and who's trying the hardest? Will Maegan watch at all past the Red Carpet? And will Teresa get over her lady-crush on Angelina Jolie? (Probably not. I certainly won't.)

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