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April 23, 2014

Junior at Mark Keppel HS in California

Springtime Playlist: Top 9 Songs

It's time to update your playlist for spring. I selected 10 artists and my favorite songs from them. This playlist mix includes upcoming artists, familiar artists with a new album and headliners. These songs are a great kickoff to spring and festival season.

Karina Mansfield via Getty Images

Teen Girl Defines Equality In Incredible Open Letter

Walker Harnden

The VERY Unique World Record This Teen Just Broke (VIDEO)

High School In Class
Katrina Wittkamp via Getty Images

Top 10 High Schools In 2014

Happy Teen Girl Using Computer
Blend Images/Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

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The Life-Changing Decision I'm Prepared To Make

Mcdonalds Happy Meal

Awesome Teen Takes Down Sexist Happy Meal Toys

Winning Sketch
Shania McDonagh

A High School Student Drew This (!)


New Meme Officially Takes Over The Internet

Teen Girl Looking In Mirror
Elisabeth Schmitt via Getty Images

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The Message I Want All Girls To Hear

High School Graduation Hugging
Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

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It's Been A Roller Coaster Of A Ride

Alan Graf via Getty Images

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I'm Stuck In 'Teenager Limbo'

Image Source via Getty Images

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How Little League Screwed Up My Generation

James Franco

On The Blog
Why I'm Still A Fan Of James Franco

Black Teen Boy Using Computer
Hero Images via Getty Images

On The Blog
Are You There, Colleges? It's Me, Your Applicant

Twitter Naps

Teen Tweets Of The Week!

Eagle Huntress
Asher Svidensky / Caters News

Meet An Incredible 13-Year-Old Hunter And Her Giant Eagle

One Direction

1D Meld Together Into One, Walking, Singing Dude In New Video

George Doyle via Getty Images

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Michelle Phan's Top 10 Tips For Looking Like A Rock Star At Prom

Teen Girl Using Laptop
Diana Mulvihill via Getty Images

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The Secret To Building An App (Even If You're In High School)

Teen Using Smartphone
Dean Belcher via Getty Images

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RT If You're A Fake Activist


How One Fearless Teen Is Starting A Bra Revolution

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Teen The Beatles Abbey Road 15 Instruments
YouTube/Dylan Gardner

17-Year-Old Covers The Beatles Using 15 Instruments (VIDEO)

Lip Dub

This Is The High School Lip Dub To End All Lip Dubs (VIDEO)

Bored Teen Girl
Sam Bloomberg-Rissman via Getty Images

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What's The Point Of High School, Anyway?

Standardized Testing
spxChrome via Getty Images

This Is What The New SAT Will Actually Look Like

If I Stay Chloe Moretz
If I Stay

The Newest YA Novel-To-Movie That Will Make You Weep

Lady Promposal

28 Girls Who Prove Promposing Isn't Just A Boy's Game

Teen Vogue

Lorde On Being Labeled The 'Grumpy Girl'

Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

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Why Coachella Really Rubs Me The Wrong Way

Daniel Grill via Getty Images

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5 Things Every Teen Is Tired Of Hearing