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October 1, 2014

Crash Course in Being a Teenage Feminist

For most, it feels like sometimes you have to "come out" as a feminist, like it is something that is not just a given. When I began to identify as a feminist, most people said ridiculously rude things, like it was just some angsty teenage phase.

Cat Laser
Vincent Giordano/Trinacria Photography

That Laser Cat Yearbook Photo Just Got Even More Awesome

Emma Watson
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Boy's Letter About Emma Watson's Feminism Speech Is Amazing

Raini Rodriguez
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

On The Blog
They Said I Wouldn't Make It Because I Wasn't 'Talented' Or 'Pretty' Enough

Bizzy Emerson
Bizzy Emerson

On The Blog
A Fangirl's Guide To Surviving A One Direction Concert

Katharine Wu
YouTube /Discovery Ed Young Scientist Challenge

She's Trying To Make The Road Safer Years Before She Even Starts Driving

Justina Sharp
Benjamin Sharp/

On The Blog
10 Realities About The Fashion World, As Learned By A Teen

Google Science Fair

These Teen Girls Are Helping To Solve World Hunger (No, Really)

FOX 13

Why Were 11 Girls Turned Away From Their Homecoming Dance?

Sam Pepper

On The Blog
Sam Pepper's Video May Have Been A 'Prank,' But I'm Not Laughing

Lorde Girl

Her Hilarious Reaction To Surprise Lorde Tickets Would Be Yours, Too


The Dark Secret Haunting One In Four Teens

Peopleimages via Getty Images

On The Blog
Coming Out Was Incredibly Hard -- But I Don't Regret It

Detroit Free Press.

He Wants To Show People 'Hey, A Kid With Autism Is Making It In Football'

Photolyric via Getty Images

On The Blog
The Positivity Breakthrough That Changed My View On Life

High School Musical

On The Blog
3 Important Lessons 'High School Musical' Taught Me

Elyjuh Rene
YouTube/The Voice

Amazing Teen Kills It On 'The Voice' With Beyoncé Performance

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Teen Using Laptop
Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images

10 Types Of College Applicants You'll Meet

Mackenzie Patel
Mackenzie Patel

On The Blog
The Two Words Every Teen Should Say Much More Often


Teen Gives EPIC After-Game Speech

Mary Kate Smith Walking
Bobby Harvison Photography

This Badass High School Football Player Is Also A Homecoming Queen

Teens React

Teens Debate Whether 'Anaconda' Is Empowering Or Demeaning

Taylor Swift
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

On The Blog
How My Life Has Changed Since Taylor Swift Tweeted My Blog

20 Photographs By Teens You'd Have To See To Believe

Photo by Bhaskar Dutta via Getty Images

Student Newspaper Editor Punished After Refusing To Print This Word

Cyrus Stowe

The Scary Trend He's Helping To Expose