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July 24, 2014

Why Facebook Is Not For Me

The way I see it, Facebook perpetuates the absolute importance of physical appearance to an unhealthy extent. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a comment on a picture that praised someone for something other than a physicality?

prudkov via Getty Images

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Katy Ma
Katy Ma

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Hot Seat

Her Brilliant Invention Could Save Kids From Hot Car Tragedies

Marie Fields via Getty Images

How Pancakes Are Helping To Fund A Teen's Education

Slip N Slide
Huffington Post

Watch These Teens Take Slip 'N' Slide To Another Level

Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

Zendaya Explains Why She Left Lifetime's Aaliyah Biopic

pojoslaw via Getty Images

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The Words That Made This Teen Finally Embrace Her 'Crazy-Curly' Hair


Teen Tweets Of The Week!

Anna Caltabiano
Anna Caltabiano

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Iggy Azalea
Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images

Introducing The Second Wave of Teen Choice Awards Nominees

Disney Channel Stars
Disney Channel

26 Disney Channel Stars Come Together For Ultimate 'Frozen' Cover

Fifth Harmony
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

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Why It's Time To Start Taking Fifth Harmony Seriously

svetikd via Getty Images

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Politicians Have A Duty To Teenagers, Too

Samm Newman

Teen Says Instagram Tried To Fat-Shame Her By Deleting This Photo

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty Images

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What It's Like Living With An Invisible Illness

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Corey Nolen via Getty Images

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Pretty Little Liars

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Loom Band Dress

You Must See This Dress Made Out Of 20,000 Loom Bands

Teens Classroom
Troy Aossey via Getty Images

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Kieran Maxwell

15-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Heads To Prom In The Most Badass Ride

Teens Having Fun
Cavan Images via Getty Images

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Contemplative Teen Girl
lenanet via Getty Images

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Martine Doucet via Getty Images

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Teens React Honest Trailer
YouTube / TheFineBros

Teens React To 'Honest Trailers' With Some Honesty Of Their Own