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August 20, 2014

I'm Just Gonna Shake It Off

I hope this new song inspires you to start or continue whatever it is and make a change in this world, one dance step at a time. Don't bother with the haters. They're missing out on the fun.

Deaf Film Camp
Deaf Film Camp

Deaf Campers Introduce Us To An Entirely New 'Happy' Dance

Ferguson Protest

On The Blog
What I Shouldn't Have To Worry About As A Black Teen Girl

Five O App

How 3 Teens Are Taking On Police Brutality With Their Smartphones

Hannah Zack
Hannah Zack

On The Blog
I Won't Let My Disability Stop Me From Breaking All The Rules

Taylor Swift
Nicky Loh/TAS via Getty Images

Taylor Swift Has A Big Announcement

The Giver

On The Blog
What 'The Giver' Teaches Us About Growing Up

Cartoon Network

That Big 'Adventure Time' Rumor Is Finally Confirmed

Ariana Grande
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Ariana Grande On 'Sam & Cat': 'It Was A Little Frustrating'

Hayleigh Black

She Missed The First Day Of School Because Of Her 'Distracting' Hair

Down Syndrome Team Captain

Best Friends With Down Syndrome Earn Big Honor From Their School

Teen Playing Guitar
SandraKavas via Getty Images

15 More Things To Add To Your Teenage Bucket List

Ice Bucket Challenge

On The Blog
Why People Need To Stop Hating On The Ice Bucket Challenge


This 17-Year-Old Gave Her School A Big Wake-Up Call

ponsulak via Getty Images

One Teen May Have Actually Found A Way To Help Stop Cyberbullying

Dorm Room
James Woodson via Getty Images

32 Ideas For Decorating Dorm Rooms, Courtesy Of The Internet

Snap On Underwear
Courtesy of Charlotte Robinson

Her 'Snap-On Underwear' Invention Is Helping People With Disabilities

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Justina Sharp
Justina Sharp

On The Blog
I Went To The TCAs -- And This Is What Really Went Down

Teen Girl Bullied
Kevin Dodge via Getty Images

On The Blog
What Schools Don't Talk About When They Talk About Bullying

Ansel Elgort
Ansel Elgort/Instagram

Watch Ansel Elgort (Adorably) Dump A Huge Bucket Of Ice Over His Head

Hugo Selfie1

In Just Over A Minute, Watch Him Age From 12 To 19

Martin Schoeller/New York Magazine

How Taylor Swift Helped Tavi Gevinson Through Her First Break-Up

Mone Davis

Meet The Girl Reshaping Little League, One 70 MPH Fastball At A Time


Why This Student-Made Documentary Is Causing Controversy

Emma Watson
Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

12 Non-Cliché Beauty Lessons According To Your Favorite Celebs

Westend61 via Getty Images

On The Blog
I Want To 'See' The World, But I Can't Stop Staring At My Screen