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October 21, 2014

The Problem With Testing Inequality

This is a letter demanding a change to the environment and culture surrounding your test. Standardized testing has shifted from a mere requirement to a game. Whoever finds the best tutor or class wins the game. These students attend the college of their dreams.


What It Would Look Like If Teens Had To 'Come Out' As Being Smart

Ned Frisk via Getty Images

On The Blog
It's Okay To Know (Or Not Know) How You Want To Shape Your Life

Nina Dobrev Bystander Revolution
YouTube / Bystander Revolution

What These Celebs Have To Say About Bullying Might Surprise You


'I'm Gay And I Can't Change That. And Why Should I?'


'SNL' Writer Gives Spot-On Relationship Advice

Casey Hoke
Casey Hoke

On The Blog
How You Can Be A Better Ally To Transgender Teens Like Me

Hero Images via Getty Images

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In Defense Of Teen Girls

Justin Olenginski Touchdown
YouTube / Angela Olenginski

Freshman Who Was Born Blind Scores His First Football Touchdown


Crazy-Talented Cartoonist Will Turn Your Selfies Into Instant Art

Miriam Subbiah via Getty Images

On The Blog
The One Thing I Wish Someone Had Done When I Was Being Bullied

Nbc The Voice Gwen Stefani
NBC via Getty Images

On The Blog
My Big Problem With Singing Competition Shows


An Instagram Post Gave This Teen His Eyesight Back


A Hearing Impairment Didn't Stop Her From Enjoying Her First Live Concert

5 Seconds Of Summer
Larry Marano via Getty Images

On The Blog
An Open Letter To 5 Seconds Of Summer's New Music Video

Clevver Tv
Clevver TV

Watch These People Hilariously Try To Understand T-Swift Lyrics

Teen Using Laptop
iPandastudio via Getty Images

5 Websites To Help You Pick Your College

Lip Sync Comic Con
YouTube / Eric Geller

They Rocked Comic Con With Ultimate 'Let It Go' Lip Sync

Lego Movie Recreation
Morgspenny Productions / YouTube

Incredible Teen Recreates Classic Movie Scenes With Legos

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Bored Teen
Thomas Grass via Getty Images

How FOMO Is Making You Feel Friendless

Hannah Loesch
Hannah Loesch

On The Blog
Life Advice From My 80-Year-Old Grandmother

Gianni Diliberto via Getty Images

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The Biggest Lesson I Learned Writing A Book At 17

Mone Davis
Drew Hallowell via Getty Images

Meet TIME Magazine's 25 Most Influential Teens Of 2014

Sharon Lapkin via Getty Images

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The 3 Best Ways To Travel In High School

Cornelia Schauermann via Getty Images

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I'm Sick Of Apathy (And You Should Be, Too)

Shealynn And Charley
Yvonne Stillman

This Couple Is Breaking Homecoming Tradition In An Awesome Way

Costume Works

10 Perfect Halloween Costumes For You And Your BFFs

11-Year-Old Sensation Taylor Hatala Kills It With 'All About That Bass' Dance

YouTube / Matt Steffanina