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Christopher Elliott


Should Congress Ban Cellphone Chatter on Planes? (POLL)

Christopher Elliott | May 10, 2014 | Travel
Silence has been valued since humans started traveling, of course. But the debate about cellphone chatter on planes has touched a nerve, and if the law passes, it could even do something unprecedented: establish that air travelers have a right to a little peace and quiet on their journey.
Sarabeth Sanders


This is a test

Sarabeth Sanders | February 9, 2014 | Training
The recognition by Pope Francis and others that surging income inequality is an urgent political problem marks an important shift.


Moviefone's Summer Sequel Smackdown: Defending the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 | July 24, 2013 | Moviefone
Like MuggleNet on Facebook Subscribe to @MuggleNet on Twitter Potterheads, occasionally we call on you to rise up and do something great for the Harry Potter fandom. Today is one of those days. The epic conclusions of both the Harry Potter and Lord of the...
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