02/13/2014 06:06 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

Valentine's Wishes for Single Moms


Dear Mom,

  • I wish you knew how beautiful you look when you smile at me.

  • I wish you more sparkles and sunshine beams than you could imagine.

  • I wish you all the joy that I feel when you hold me tight.

  • I wish that our hugs could last forever.

  • I wish that I could kiss all your boo-boos away.

  • I wish that we could cuddle up and giggle all day.

  • I wish I could save you from your monsters, like you save me from mine.

  • I wish that I could make you feel as safe as you make me feel.

  • I wish that every time we rub noses something wonderful would happen to you.

  • I wish my arms were wings and we could fly away to somewhere wonderful.

  • I wish I could slow down time for you.

  • I wish I could give you back your sleep for nights you stayed up with me.

  • I wish you could rest in my arms and I could sing you to sleep.

  • I wish that every day could be a tea party.

  • I wish you knew that you are my hero.

  • I wish you all the dreams that you wish for me.

  • I wish that I could pick up the pieces of your heart and glue them back together.

  • I wish I was strong so I could lift away all your heavy burdens.

  • I wish you as much love as you give me.

  • I wish you knew how lucky I am to have you as my mommy.

  • I wish that every tear you have ever dropped for me would transform into diamonds.
  • Mom, I love you. Happy Valentine's Day from your biggest fan.
  • (Feel free to print, and make a card for your mom.)