Guilt-Free Glamour

05/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I was in heaven over the weekend watching PBS's broadcast of The Powder & The Glory, a riveting program about Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein. These archrivals, whom apparently never met, spent decades one-upping each other while masterminding their respective beauty empires and lifestyle credos. What struck me is that both entrepreneurs thrived during the Great Depression; and during World War II, though strained by scarce resources, their ingenuity managed to feed the cosmetics craze.

While I lust after a frothy Rodarte spring frock this season, women like me are curtailing luxury purchases for guilt-free beauty buys that can refresh your look. Lips, lashes, skin and nails -- they've all been getting more attention this season. I spoke with makeup artist Bryan Lynde about how to look your prettiest this spring. "Keep it natural with one strong detail," says Lynde. "I want people to look natural and enhanced."


One way to do this, Lynde suggests, is with a strong red lip -- but make sure it works with your outfit, and you still feel like yourself in that crimson gloss. For nails, look to pastel hues or coral shades for a vibrant shot of color. Mascaras and lash extensions are certainly having a moment, creating more expressive eyes. For natural-looking fake lashes, Lynde prefers Ardell's Duralash Flare in short black.

What also resonated with me about Arden and Rubenstein was their focus on health, exercise and posture. Lynde, a vegan with 22 years in the business, also lives by these tenets. Increased hydration in warmer months is a much-needed boon for skin as well as healthy omega fatty acids. Lynde, who is known for creating flawless skin and lengthy lashes on his photo shoots, sees the benefits of a healthy diet in his client's complexion. "I think there's nothing more beautiful than radiant skin," says Lynde, who uses foundation only when necessary. With so many trends to embrace and eschew this season, skin is always in. Stick with the foods, beauty products and your favorite form of exercise to make you look and feel your best.