03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 2012 Presidential Race According to Numerologist Cheryl Lee Terry...

My Monday morning started off like any other: checking my weekly forecast on Numerologist/Astrologer Cheryl Lee Terry's website. Senators, CEOs, editors, congressmen and publishers wait with bated breath for her Numerological/Astrological analysis on personal and professional matters. "Watching my former private clients debating bills on TV makes me queasy," she tells me. A former colleague from our days at Elle, Cheryl Lee has an impressive track record predicting future events.

And this week she posted a shocker on her website: Obama will only serve one (full) term.

Knowing Cheryl Lee's history and being an Obama supporter, I am beside myself! She predicted Obama's rise and victory (years before we even knew his name). And then there's the fact that she predicted George Bush would win the presidency under questionable circumstances, and that Kerry would suffer a crushing loss in 2004. Don't forget her predictions about the San Francisco earthquake of 1989, and the last two economic meltdowns.

I lost touch with Cheryl Lee after our days at Elle, but we just had a lovely lunch and have not lost a beat. Our interest in the larger political and economic issues coursing through America led to an interesting conversation about powerful women in politics, media and business.

According to Cheryl Lee the number "2" is the most powerful feminine vibration in the Numerological cycle, and in 1992 she predicted that by the year 2000 there would be a seismic shift in the women's movement. And according to her numbers the glass ceilings that are now being shattered are only the beginning. Cheryl Lee predicts that in this decade, women will regain their power and take their rightful place in society.

My personal musing on the 2012 elections? Could this mean that Obama could lose the election to a woman?

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