04/03/2013 09:21 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2013

10 Amazing River Trips for Spring

You're not the only thing thawing out this spring. Some of the very powder you may have skied this winter is melting, trickling drip by drip into the streams that become the rivers that become the raging torrents that hurl rafts and kayaks forward to the thrill of their passengers.

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Wildflowers are blooming on the banks of the Chattooga and golden eagles have their eyes trained on the Salmon River's Middle Fork. The Grand Canyon isn't yet scorching hot and a dancing waterfall in the Ozarks beckons. Wish you were there, huh?

We picked 10 rivers you don't want to miss, if not this spring then the next. Some of these trips are half-day rafting runs that can be built into weekend getaways and others are weeklong treks into the wilderness. From West Virginia's famous whitewater to the Everglades' river of grass, you'll find yourself up a creek -- hopefully with a paddle -- and soaking up some sights.

-Mark Lebetkin, The Active Times

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Amazing River Trips for Spring
Amazing River Trips for Spring