11/11/2010 01:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss: The Prequel

"Healthy Weight Loss." It's certainly not as catchy of a title as "Star Wars" or "Return of the Jedi." And I'm pretty sure that this article is not going to spawn an empire of action figures or lunchboxes that leaves me living in a magical place in Marin County called Weight-Loss Ranch. But like the "Star Wars" series, weight loss has become an epic tale of good vs. evil, in which evil has been kicking butt. We need only to look at the devastating headlines of the last couple years to see that we are leaning more and more in the direction of Java the Hut, than the fine Jedis and princesses we once were. And this is where our tale begins.

When we look at losing weight we typically only look at where we currently are. And while that seems to be a good place to start, just like in the original trilogy we are actually picking up in the middle of the story. But because life is so compelling, so busy, and so dramatic we can easily forget that there was a whole lot that came before what we are currently experiencing. However, when we take a look at the beginning of the story, everything becomes much clearer.

Seriously, how grateful were we when the prequel finally came out and we got answers to the questions that had just been left hanging: like how Luke's father become Vader, what other colors do lightsabers come in, and whether or not Yoda suffered from the same ailment as Benjamin Button?

Now, I'm not sure if we even got the answer to that last one, but I do know that if we take a look at our own story and look at how we got to where we are right now, the answers we find will make the journey back to health that much easier.

So ask yourself, when did I first start to gain weight? What, if anything, changed in my routine at that time? Did I form some bad habits over the years that have slowly caught up with me and are now interfering with the life and health I want?

These simple questions will provide the three things that are crucial to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

1. It gives us perspective. When we look at the whole story we get a better understanding of what happened, what's happening and what we need to do to change it. In movie terms, we get to see how the plot (our stomach) thickened (got fatter) over time (over time). Perspective always leads to compassion and compassion will make losing weight much, much easier.

2. It reminds us Luke was not born a Jedi. There were thousands of trials before he earned the rank of master. It was a lifelong pursuit. And just like young Skywalker, we all have the seeds of health within, but we need to practice (exercise) and train (eat well) every day if we want to manifest our fullest potential.

3. It reminds us it's never too late. One of my favorite things about the "Star Wars" hexology is that Mr. Lucas took 20 years off before creating the second half of the story. That means that no matter how long its been you can get back in the game, get active, and create a whole new world for yourself.

So even if it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far away that you felt healthier, sexier and more alive, there is a force inside that is calling you to reclaim that which is rightfully yours. And I know this article may not swing the balance of power in the world back to the side of good, but hopefully it will give you the light push you need to take a small step in the direction of health. And if you're interested in more tips, or to get our free e-book on healthy weight loss and how to make being healthy easier and more fun than ever visit us at But in the meantime remember to make losing weight a prequel, that way it's not the end of your story, but truly a new beginning.

May the force, but not the pounds, be with you!
The Baietto Brothers