10/27/2008 02:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alicia Silverstone: "Obama is our Holistic Leader"

By Insiyah Saeed
TAMPA - "There's not so many great, great men in this world," said actress Alicia Silverstone to a crowd of Obama supporters at downtown Tampa's Courthouse Square, today at 12:45 p.m. "He reminds me of a great papa," she continued, referring to Senator Obama. "And he's so groovy."

Silverstone arrived in Tampa over the weekend to rally Florida voters to get out and vote. She told the crowd about her weekend, talking to Obama volunteers at Havana House, and checking out early voting locations. She was inspired by a "firecracker of a young girl" who was 14 and a volunteer for the campaign, making calls to voters "all day and all night."


"You don't realize how really important this election is, and we have this one chance, which we might not get again," she told the crowd.

The fact that Obama did not take money from lobbyists, was the main reason why Silverstone supports him. She is also impressed by the stance he took on many issues such as the war, before it was popular to do so.

"Obama is our holistic leader," she said. "That's who I want as president."

Soon after, Silverstone marched with the crowd to an early voting location to encourage them to "hurry up and vote."

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