$5 Worth of Food Around the World

04/07/2014 11:49 am ET | Updated Jun 07, 2014

What kind of a meal can $5 buy you anywhere in the world? While it's no struggle to find expensive restaurants the world over, finding a great, delicious deal is often much harder -- but worth the trouble. So we took a look at what $5 fetches in 11 cities around the world, and the results might surprise you.

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Going in, we assumed that there may be cities in which $5 fetched less than half a french fry. But as it turns out, even some of the world's richest, priciest places can offer a great deal to the careful traveler.

Naturally, a lot of street food -- from spicy, crisp falafels to marinated, juicy kebabs -- made our list. But we were pleasantly astonished that there are some great sit-down joints at which you can score a delicious under-$5 meal, too.

  • 1 $5 Jerusalem, Israel
    We spoke with poet Jacob Newberry, who recently spent a year in Israel on a Fulbright Fellowship in Creative Writing, to see what $5 can get the hungry traveler in Israel. “You can get a good falafel anywhere in the Old City for about 10 shekels ($2). There are a million of those places also in west Jerusalem,” he told us. Photo Credit: Thinkstock Click Here to see More of $5 Worth of Food Around the World
  • 2 $5 Dubai
    At Sidra, a Lebanese restaurant on Diyafah Street, you can score a fresh tabbouleh, a plate of hummus, babba ganoush, a sujuk (spicy sausage) sandwich, or a traditional saj labneh — a traditional, paper-thin Lebanese bread covered in a rich, mild cheese (the Lebanese equivalent to a bagel with cream cheese) for a scant $3.81. Photo Credit: Thinkstock
  • 3 $5 Dublin, Ireland
    If you have a sweet tooth, try a slice of Banoffee pie from Govinda's, which Masha calls “the best thing you can do with a banana — bananas, pie crust, toffee and fresh whipped cream.” Photo Credit: Thinkstock Click Here to see More of $5 Worth of Food Around the World
  • 4 $5 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Phnom Penh is a great spot for cheap dining, although some of the fare may seem unusual to the American palate. Masha tells us that $5 can also score you 6 cups of fried crickets at any of the city's central food markets. Uh. Maybe? Photo Credit: Thinkstock
  • 5 $5 Buenos Aires
    If you’re dining with a group, options like Las Cabras are great: for a mixed-grill dish brimming with chorizo, expect to pay 79 Argentine pesos — about $10 — which is more than enough for at least two people. Photo Credit: Thinkstock Click Here to see More of $5 Worth of Food Around the World

-- Jess Novak, The Daily Meal

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