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10 Best College Football Stadium Eats

Posted: 09/23/2011 9:51 am

2011-09-09-cornydog_wcAndreasPraefcke.jpgThere is no question that a hot dog is a great game day snack, but as college football fans become more food savvy, university athletic departments are giving their stadium menus a gourmet makeover.

Throughout the past five years, schools across the country have been adding locally-sourced and high-end delicacies to their concessions. However, as professional teams continue raise the bar on their stadium food many of them are taking care to appease to even the most casual fans by innovating the traditional dishes familiar to them.

The irony is that even with the new selections -- from sushi to maple donuts -- the fans have a fondness for the traditional staples. According to a recent survey the National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires found that soda, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and pretzels still rule the popularity hierarchy.

However, if you've tired of the classics and are yearning for a new game-day treat, here are ten stadiums where the food is worth checking out.

- Matt McCue, The Daily Meal

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University of Notre Dame
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With Touchdown Jesus as their witness, the Fighting Irish faithful eat well all fall. ND has added dishes such as prime rib, grilled shrimp sandwiches, and BBQ nachos to its lineup. If it’s a hot game, football fans can cool down with a cone of locally-sourced ice cream.

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Photo Credit: © Wikimedia Commons/Bobak Ha'Eri
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