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The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal

Posted: December 8, 2010 01:54 PM


It wasn't too long ago that The Daily Meal tackled The Vanderbilt's blood sausage in Brooklyn: We went to the best to learn from the best -- this time for mozzarella.

At Di Palo's in Little Italy, the Di Palo family has been upholding a longstanding tradition of making fresh mozzarella. From technique to tools, it's all been kept in the family, with a history stretching back to 1910.

Brothers Lou and Sal Di Palo run the Italian foods store that doubles as a certified dairy. With help from René, a Di Palo's employee, we went behind the scenes to learn how to make their mozzarella.

They make it daily, which Lou explains is the only way. With our step-by-step how-to and a little practice, you can have fresh handmade mozzarella in about 20 minutes. Or just sit back and learn how it got from a massive curd into your Caprese salad.

The Curd
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Curd, or cagliata in Italian, is the fat and protein by-product of milk that has been separated from whey. Related: Fromagers' 9 Favorite Cheeses
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