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Where to Eat If You Want To Be President

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2012-05-18-1mitttiltnTiltnDiner.jpgCampaign season is getting into full swing and with the endless coverage about who said what, who thinks what and why the other guy is bad for America, sometimes it's nice to remember the human side of campaigning -- the part where candidates relax, roll up their shirt sleeves and pose for campaign trail photos at restaurants (Photo Credit: Tilt'n Diner).

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Of course, sometimes they are actually going to eat at these places and they campaign by mistake, but certainly, the restaurant owners don't seem to mind. According to Tommy Stevenson, owner of Tommy's Country Ham House in South Carolina, "It really helps my business... the campaigning gets outsiders to come in that normally wouldn't, and that brings in more business to my restaurant later on... We see new faces in here every day, after and during the primaries."

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So, where are the candidates eating this year? It's a mix of the iconic places, like Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, D.C. and the restaurants that are known as true community hotspots, like Versaille's Restaurant in Miami. There's some fine dining establishments and some joints serving up down-home Southern fare.

- Rosemary Pantaleo, The Daily Meal

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Where to Eat If You Want to Become President
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